SeaWorld San Diego Announces New Interactive Play Area for 2023

SeaWorld San Diego is making learning fun with their newest interactive play area, Rescue Jr., which is slated to open this spring. This first-of-its-kind, kid-friendly area will be dedicated to marine animal rescue and conservation.

Courtesy of SeaWorld San Diego

The park stated in a press release the concept will be for children who are interested in saving and learning about marine life

Aspiring conservationists can also see rescued animals up close, hearing their amazing stories of survival and learning more about how to get involved in helping protect marine animals everywhere.  SeaWorld is one of the largest marine animal rescue organizations in the world and has come to the aid of over 40,000 injured and orphaned animals. Every park guest can feel good knowing their visit makes a difference in conservation as a portion of proceeds from tickets and in park purchases goes toward SeaWorld’s rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

The newest Rescue Jr. area will be replacing the previous Sesame Street Bay of Play.

Let’s take a look at all the things to come:

Rescue Riders

This ride offers the option to ride a colorful Rescue Jr. jet ski and whirl through the air as a rescue mission. Guests will experience a SeaWorld Rescue while using a variety of water vehicles during their rescue missions and also experiencing the jet ski operation in this unique aerial experience.


Courtesy of SeaWorld San Diego

Rescue Rafter

Embark on a fully equipped rescue boat and ride the waves like the rescue teams. This ride will prepare guests for any and all seaworthy situations and young visitors will be too after experiencing the gentle swaying and surprising spins that the ocean can bring to their missions.

Courtesy of SeaWorld San Diego

Tidepool Twist

This family-friendly ride offers a twisting, turning journey around a colorful tide pool that will have guests spinning around with the tide. Prior to boarding the ride, guests can learn more through informational graphics about the differences between types of sea life found in tide pools.

Courtesy of SeaWorld San Diego

Mini Rescuer Training Zone

Young guests can play pretend and get prepared to be part of the Rescue Team in the Mini Rescuer Training Zone. This soft play area is full of ocean-themed play structures where children can sit and play on a Rescue boat and plane, climb on a sandcastle, ocean rocks, and a pier, plus have adventures with dolphins and sea lions.

Courtesy of SeaWorld San Diego

Rescue Bay Splash Zone

At the Rescue Bay Splash Zone is Rescue 1, a large boat docked. Surrounding this ship will be a shallow-water rescue training ground and splash pad area. Rescue trainees can test themselves as they navigate through an aquatic agility course made up of colorful geometric sculptures and “buoy-like” interactives that spray and splash. Playful fountains will be scattered throughout the area to mimic the occasional wake that is created in a busy harbor.

Courtesy of SeaWorld San Diego

Meet Real Rescue Heroes

On the Rescue Jr. Stage, guests can meet Animal Conservation Ambassadors and learn about a variety of unique rescued animals during daily presentations. This fun and educational presentation shares the story of conservation ambassadors, animal care, and rescue. Guests will also have hands-on experience with many incredible rescued animals, such as marsupials, primates, and reptiles, and learn about their unique stories.

Courtesy of SeaWorld San Diego

Gear Up To Help

Guests have the opportunity to meet the Rescue Team members in person and hear rescue stories that happen every day in San Diego. The Rescue Team members will make appearances and share the full cycle of animal rescue from the call on the rescue hotline through the process of getting to a healthy state to the return to their natural habitats.

Courtesy of SeaWorld San Diego

With this newest redesigned area, the park hopes to reach out to younger guests and spark their interest in animal rescue and rehabilitation.

What are you most excited to see from this new experience? Let us know in the comments section below.