Murder at the Amusement Park: Body on the Boardwalk Review

While the 2023 amusement park season is right around the corner, it’s still the off-season here in central Ohio. I was looking for something different to help me through my winter withdrawal when I stumbled upon this immersive murder mystery game and decided to take a stab at it (pun intended). Body on the Boardwalk is a perfect combination of murder mystery and escape room in an amusement park setting that can be experienced from the comfort of your own home.

In Body On The Boardwalk, players take on the role of detectives to investigate the death of a seaside amusement park employee and uncover the park’s dirty secrets that led to her murder.

“When Katie Dunn, an employee at a seaside amusement park, turns up dead inside the Scream-a-rama haunted house ride (Where Fear Meets Fun!), her boyfriend quickly becomes the prime suspect. The suspect’s mother reaches out to you in hopes of clearing his name, but even she has to admit that the evidence against her son looks bad. Could someone else have had a score to settle with the victim, or is the boyfriend as guilty as he looks? Behind the boardwalk’s picturesque façade lies a criminal underworld where everyone’s got something to hide.”

To figure out who killed Katie, you must reconstruct her path along the boardwalk of Stella Park on the day she died, and work out what secret she discovered that ultimately led to her death. A map of the fictional park comes in real handy to help piece together a timeline of all the suspects during the day of the murder. Uncovering the crimes perpetrated by the other boardwalk employees will lead you to the identity of Katie’s true killer.

What do you think ride #10 is? A type of coaster? Let me know in the comments below.

The puzzles in the game were challenging yet satisfying to solve, and I particularly enjoyed the interactive elements that allowed me to feel like I was actually participating in the investigation. Unraveling the story had as many twists and turns as the fictional Hydra roller coaster, described as “one of Delaware’s most beloved roller coasters” which is ironic because if you’ve read any of our “-est” articles (tallest, fastest, oldest, longest) you’ll know Delaware currently has no operating roller coasters. Sadly, no additional details are given for the coaster but I picture it being a Gerstlauer Eurofighter similar to Iron Shark on Galveston Island.

Body on the Boardwalk was created by Hunt a Killer, one of the leading creators of murder mystery games. Their main offering is a monthly subscription box service. But if you want to try out a single game before committing to a 6+ month subscription, a standalone box like Body on the Boardwalk is a good way to go. It’s always nice to get a little slice of themed entertainment without having to leave home.

Body on the Boardwalk Review

Overall, Body on the Boardwalk was a thrilling and immersive experience that kept me engaged from start to finish. The attention to detail in the game was impressive, from the intricate puzzle designs to the realistic boardwalk setting. As a roller coaster enthusiast, I highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys a good mystery and a thrill ride. You can pickup a copy at Amazon or on Hunt A Killer’s website here.