Margaritaville’s Paradise Pier Fun Park in Mississippi Prepares to Open

Paradise Pier Fun Park at Margaritaville Resort Biloxi is set to open to the public and hotel guests on March 3rd at 3 p.m. Located in Biloxi, MS, the park will feature something for guests of all ages.

The amusement park was built with hurricane preparedness in mind. It is set on a platform that will lift it above any storm surge while also providing space for parking underneath. As a precaution, all 15 rides can be taken down and moved to a huge storage facility on the Coast if a hurricane is threatening South Mississippi.

Visitors will also be able to access restaurants inside Margaritaville Resort Biloxi, along with the Escape arcade.

These are the rides of Paradise Pier Fun Park:

Biloxi Tide-Turner, a 180-foot observation wheel overlooking the Mississippi Sound and the Gulf of Mexico — featuring air-conditioned gondolas and a light display after sunset.

Aerobar: an ascending bar that rotates as it rises into the sky. A bartender is aboard and a hand-crafted cocktail in a souvenir cup is included.

Rolling Thunder: an SBF Visa Group spinning roller coaster.

S.O.S: a spinning ride that makes riders feel like they’re in the middle of a hurricane.

Sea Swinger: a swinging ride.

Storm Surge: A pendulum ride

Tropical Hopper: A bouncing family drop tower.

Puddle Jumper: a flying machine, an aerobatic plane.

Hit the Deck: a swinging pirate ship.

Buoy Blaster: a drop tower.

Saltwater Stables: a double-decker merry-go-round.

Whirlwind Balloons: that dip and soar.

Treehouse Twirl: flying swings.

Beach Cruiser: colorful cruisers where kids can take a leisurely ride around the track. 

Wave Rider gentle rides for younger kids.

To learn more, visit the Paradise Pier Fun Park website. The pier opens on March 3, 2023.