Which Park Can Stake Claim to “Intamin Coaster Capital of the World”

Back in October, we posed the question “Which park is the ‘B&M Capital of the World‘?” After coming up with a semi-arbitrary formula to declare Six Flags Great Adventure as the winner, we thought we were done with declaring parks as a [Manufacturer] Capital of the World. Enter Jack Lathrop of Thrilling Moments Photography, who wanted to know about Intamin.

Well, because Jack asked for it…we’re doing it. We want to know which park in the world can lay claim to the “Intamin Coaster Capital of the World.” Much like the B&M article, we have come up with a very scientific formula in order to award this highly prestigious honor.

It’s the holiday season, so we don’t want you to waste time spent with family doing math or trying to calculate how we determined this, so we’ve done the math for you. There are just over 20 parks worldwide with multiple Intamin coasters, so, we started with those parks. Then, we based it, like we did the B&M article, on overall track length, because ride experience is completely subjective. To make this list, you need at least 4,500′ of Intamin coaster track in your park.

We’re including parks based on coaster count as of 2023. There are a few Intamin coasters that are standing but not operating. There are other coasters where track is traversed twice. We will address these various anomalies throughout the explanation of the rankings, because again, being highly scientific, there’s a method to our madness. Also, we know Intamin makes other rides other than roller coasters. We’re measuring coaster track only.

Without further adieu, here are the contenders, and eventual champion of “Intamin Coaster Capital” – listed in reverse order to effectively build the suspense.

15. Alton Towers (England)

  • Thir13en: 2,480.3′
  • Rita: 2,099.7′
  • Total: 4,580′

Alton Towers ranked 14th in the B&M list. Their two Intamin Coasters, Rita and Thir13een, opened in 2005 and 2010, respectively, and join B&M as the only coaster manufacturer to have multiple roller coasters at Alton Towers. (Zamperla, MACK, Gerstlauer, Maurer, and GCI all have one roller coaster each!)

14. PortAventura (Spain)

  • Furius Baco: 2,788.8′
  • Uncharted: 2,296.6′
  • Total: 5,085.4′

A late addition to this list, PortAventura breaks into the top 15 with the addition of Uncharted, an indoor multi-dimension multi-launch roller coaster, based on the video game and film franchise of the same name that was announced in late 2022. It joins Furius Baco, Intamin’s lone “Wing Rider” model, which opened in 2007.

13. Korsan Adasi (Turkey)

  • Red Fire: 3,215.3′
  • Family Coaster: 1,902.9′
  • Total: 5,118.2′

Turkish for “Pirate Island,” Korsan Adasi opened in Istanbul in 2015 with three roller coasters – including two Intamin “off-the-shelf” models Red Fire (a clone of iSpeed at Italy’s Mirabilandia) and Family Coaster, a clone of Mine Train Ulven at Denmark’s Bakken. The park also features an SBF-Visa spinner and Dragon Wagon.

12. Mirabilandia (Italy)

  • iSpeed: 3,215.2′
  • Divertical: 2,516.4′
  • Total: 5,731.6

On the subject of iSpeed, the inspiration for Red Fire opened at Mirabilandia in 2009, and was joined by Divertical, the debut water coaster from Intamin, in 2012. Despite having Speed in its name, iSpeed’s launch doesn’t even reach 70 mph, though it is the fastest coaster the park.

11. Busch Gardens Williamsburg

  • Pantheon: 3,328′
  • DarKoaster: 2,454′
  • Total: 5,782′

Depending on how you “track” this list, Busch Gardens Williamsburg could have slid into the top 10 on this list if we counted “total track traveled” rather than just “total track length.” While Pantheon has 3,328′ of track, riders actually travel approximately 4,200′ during the ride’s duration. The park adds DarKoaster to its Intamin lineup in 2023!

10. Heide Park Resort (Germany)

  • Colossos: Kampf der Giganten: 4,409.4′
  • Desert Race: 2,132.5′
  • Total: 6,541.9′

Colossos: Kampf der Giganten (English: Colossus: Battle of the Giants) actually closed in 2016 and underwent a massive nearly three-year refurbishment, reopening in 2019. It is just one of four wooden coasters from Intamin that features pre-fabricated track. Desert Race is unique in its own right, standing just 62′ tall, but having a maximum speed of 63.4 mph.

9. Tobu Zoo Park (Japan)

  • Regina II: 4,376.7′
  • Kawasemi: 2,477′
  • Total: 6,853.7′

You may be looking at this list and thinking, “Wait. Regina is SBNO, and shouldn’t count. Also, why does it have roman numerals?” Well, on December 25, 2022, the park announced that Regina, which has been closed since 2019, will reopen in Spring of 2023 as “Regina II,” and will feature a Steampunk theme. On the steel side, the Mega-Lite Kawasemi takes its name from a small bird known for its fast speed.

8. Energylandia (Poland)

  • Hyperion: 4,752.2
  • Speed: 2,253.9′
  • Total: 7,006.1′

While its fairly uncommon (at least in the United States) for a park to open multiple major roller coasters in the same year, Energylandia did just that in 2018 with their two coasters from Intamin — Speed, a water coaster, opened in April 2018, and Hyperion, an Intamin mega coaster, opened just three months later in July.

7. Djurs Sommerland (Denmark)

  • Juvelen: 3,280.8′
  • DrageKonen: 2706.7′
  • Piraten: 2,477′
  • Total: 8,464.5′

The first park with three Intamin Coasters on this list, Denmark’s Djurs Sommerland’s longer Intamin coasters lean more towards a family demographic — both Juvelen (Danish for “Jewel”) and DrageKonen are both considered family coasters — a family launch, and family inverted (the first and one of only two in the world!) respectively!

6. Six Flags Great Adventure

  • El Toro: 4,400′
  • Kingda Ka: 3,118′
  • Skull Mountain: 1,377′
  • Total: 8,895′

While they can be #1 for B&M’s, they’re just outside the top 5 for Intamins. Another currently SBNO coaster, El Toro, sits atop Six Flags Great Adventure’s Intamin roster, but the park has announced plans to make necessary repairs and re-open the ride in 2023. The pre-fab wooden coaster is joined by the world’s tallest roller coaster, Kingda Ka, and the indoor ride-through-the-dark known as “Skull Mountain.”

5. Hersheypark


  • Skyrush: 3,600′
  • Fahrenheit: 2,700′
  • Storm Runner: 2,600′
  • Total: 8,900′

Don’t you love perfectly round numbers that end in 00? It makes the math so much easier. Hersheypark sneaks into the top 5 of this list by the narrowest of margins – just five feet, or 60″ – known as “Jolly Rancher” in Hersheypark terms, which coincidentally is tall enough to ride all three of Hersheypark’s Intamin Coasters – Storm Runner, Fahrenheit, and Skyrush, Which opened in 2004, 2008, and 2012, respectively.

4. Universal’s Islands of Adventure

  • Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure: 5,053′
  • Jurassic World VelociCoaster: 4,700′
  • Total: 9,753′

Featuring two roller coasters from Intamin that combine nearly 10,000 of track is no easy task, but Universal’s Islands of Adventure opened their pair of highly-themed Intamin coasters in just under two calendar years between opening dates, as Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure opened on June 13, 2019, while Jurassic World VelociCoaster opened on June 10, 2021.

3. Six Flags Great America

  • American Eagle: 9,300′
  • Flash: Vertical Velocity: 630′
  • Total: 9,930′

Six Flags Great America vaults into the top three of this list with the longest track length comprising one roller coaster in American Eagle’s dual 4,650′ identical mirrored tracks (Yes, we know it’s technically two credits, but there’s one name.) as well as the third-shortest roller coaster of any roller coaster on this list with the Intamin Impulse coaster Flash: Vertical Velocity. Gotta love a technicality and surprise!

2. Cedar Point

  • Millennium Force: 6,595′
  • Maverick: 4,450′
  • Wilderness Run: 443′
  • Total: 11,488′

Speaking of technicalities, you want to know how to anger roller coaster internet? Take a largely meaningless internet title away from Cedar Point. But what about Top Thrill Dragster?! It’s SBNO just like El Toro and Regina! You counted them! You’re screwing Cedar Point! Right. If we added Top Thrill Dragster’s 2800′ of track to this list, it would undoubtedly cement America’s Roller Coast as the Intamin Coaster Capital of the World. However, given that Cedar Point has not announced what will become of Dragster “as we know it,” as of this writing and Tobu Zoo and Six Flags Great Adventure have said that their coasters will operate in 2023, we made the decision to not include it.

Fun fact: From 2007-2012, Cedar Point had nearly 17,000′ (16,909′) of Intamin track at one time. Millennium Force, Maverick, Wilderness Run and Top Thrill Dragster were joined by Disaster Transport’s 1,932′ of track, and Wicked Twister’s 689′ of track.

1. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

  • Formula Rossa: 6,561.7′
  • Flying Aces: 4,921.3′
  • Turbo Track: 590.6′
  • Total: 12,073.6

We’ve found a winner! Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s three Intamin coasters are long enough to give it the title of “Intamin Coaster Capital of the World.” Definitely as high of an honor as being home to the World’s fastest roller coaster in Formula Rossa. Congratulations to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi for bringing home the crown! (Perhaps adding a little more insult to injury for Cedar Point fans. If you take away Turbo Track? Cedar Point claims the honor without Top Thrill Dragster controversy by a grand total of five feet.)

Subjectively, which park do you think has the best lineup of Intamins? Does Ferrari World deserve to wear the crown? Are you mad that Cedar Point lost on a technicality? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!