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Energylandia’s New Sweet Valley Themed Area Opens Soon

Chocolate connoisseurs, cake addicts and dessert lovers of all types will soon have a new theme park land to devour. Energylandia, located in Zator, Poland, will soon unveil its newest area, Sweet Valley.

(All photos and graphics courtesy of Energylandia)

The roughly 10-acre area will have two family roller coasters (the park’s 18th and 19th coasters) and several other rides and attractions.

Let’s take a closer look at what guests will find inside Sweet Valley:

Choco Chip Creek: This Vekoma mine train will stand 54 feet tall with a 3,937-foot-long layout with a top speed of 34 mph. The family coaster will feature giant, “chocolate-sprouting” rocks.

Honey Harbour: This smaller Vekoma coaster will stand 38 feet tall and will reach a maximum speed of 29 mph along its 833-foot-long course.


Candy Carousel is a Viennese-style double-decker carousel located in the middle of the area.

Choco Valley Mini Tour is a mini flume ride by Zamperla.

Lollypop Farm is a family tractor ride by Zamperla.

Tree Grove is an interactive carousel themed to a magic tree by Gosetto.

Tea and Treats is a teacup ride from Zamperla.

The Annual Sweet Market is a playground featuring themed food and beverage.

Sweet Valley Town Hall is a multi-functional building that can be used as a restaurant, theater, business meeting space or event location for up to 1,000 guests.

The video below features a virtual tour of the new Sweet Valley area:

What do you think about Energylandia’s newest area? Let us know in the comments section below!


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