Which Park Can Stake Claim to “B&M Capital of the World?”

(Author’s Note: This post has recently been updated to include “New For 2024” Additions.)

With SeaWorld Orlando’s 2022 announcement of Pipeline: The Surf Coaster, it gave the park four (now five with the addition of Penguin Trek!) roller coasters from the esteemed Swiss ride manufacturers Bolliger & Mabillard. In a piece of concept art, you could see all four of SeaWorld’s B&M creations as of 2023 — the floorless Kraken, the flying Manta, the hyper Mako, as well as the first-of-its kind Surf Coaster, which, of course, got fans to speculating…

Which park has the record for most B&M track? and by extension, which park can claim to be the “B&M Coaster Capital of the World?”

Luckily, we’ve done the math for you. When staking claim to such a prestigious title that we definitely didn’t just make up for the purposes of this article, the main factors taken into consideration were a) having at least three roller coasters from Bolliger & Mabillard in the park, and b) the collective length of those roller coasters. Ride experience wasn’t a factor, because as we all know, that’s extremely subjective.

(Also, while there haven’t been a ton of B&M coasters that have been removed, we’re ranking parks based on coaster count as of 2024. If you’re curious, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, in the days of Dueling Dragons, because I won’t acknowledge other names the coaster has had, would have ranked somewhere outside of the top 10 on this list.)

Without further adieu, here are the contenders, and eventual champion of “B&M Coaster Capital” – listed in reverse order to effectively build the suspense.

15. Alton Towers

  • Galactica: 2,755.9′
  • Nemesis: 2,349′
  • Oblivion: 1,222′
  • Total: 6,326′

With no new B&M’s installed at Alton Towers since 2002, it would make sense that the park would be the owner of some of the earlier, shorter B&M models, which puts it at the bottom of the list. Fun fact: If you lined up every piece of track of Alton Towers’ three iconic B&M coasters, they would still be shorter than Fury 325 at Carowinds by just about the length of a football field.

14. Happy Valley Chaoyang

  • Flight of the Himalayan Eagle Music Coaster: 3,923′
  • Crystal Wing: 2,798′
  • Family Inverted Coaster: 1,328.8′
  • Total: 8,049.8′

There are multiple Happy Valley parks in China, but this particular location, located in the Chaoyang province of Beijing, is the only one to feature three B&M coasters, including Crystal Wing, a Superman: Ultimate Flight clone. There’s also a non-zero chance that we extended this overall list so it would include Happy Valley Chaoyang just to mention the Flight of the Himalayan Eagle Music Coaster, which is certainly a mouthful to say out loud, but looks amazing when written out.

13. Dorney Park

  • Hydra: The Revenge: 3,198′
  • Talon: 3,110′
  • New for 2024: Iron Menace: 2,169′
  • Total: 8,477′

The addition of Hiram McTavish’ Iron Menace, the park’s first “brand new” coaster since 2005, brings Dorney Park to this list officially, giving the park 3 coasters from B&M – the first American park on this list. The park has managed to fit a full-blown dive coaster in a space formerly occupied by a Boomerang, and Iron Menace joins Hydra: The Revenge’s JoJo roll (the aforementioned last “new” coaster at the park) and the highly underrated (but cult-followed online) invert, Talon, to complete Dorney’s B&M trio.

12. Six Flags Fiesta Texas

  • Superman Krypton Coaster: 4,025′
  • Goliath: 2,693′
  • Dr. Diabolical’s Cliffhanger: 2,501′
  • Total: 9,219′

The second American park on this list, Six Flags Fiesta Texas was the beneficiary of Goliath from Six Flags New Orleans in 2008, where it was known as Batman: The Ride before relocating to San Antonio following the New Orleans park’s closure in 2005. Ironically, the park didn’t have a Batman: The Ride at the time, but still named it Goliath. With Six Flags Fiesta Texas reopening the door to working with B&M again for the first time in a decade with the addition of Dr. Diabolical’s Cliffhanger in 2022, it remains to be seen if Six Flags Fiesta Texas can climb their way up this list in the future.

11. Busch Gardens Williamsburg

  • Apollo’s Chariot: 4,882′
  • Alpengeist: 3,828′
  • Griffon: 3,108′
  • Total: 11,818′

Montu may be longer than Alpengeist by 150 feet, and SheiKra might have Griffon beat by 80 feet (even though Griffon is taller by 5 feet), but with B&M’s first-ever hyper coaster, Apollo’s Chariot, outpacing Kumba by just about 900 feet, Busch Gardens Williamsburg was able to *technically* say they’ve got a more extensive collection of roller coasters from Bolliger & Mabillard when this list was originally published. No longer! Read on!

10. Six Flags Over Georgia

  • Goliath: 4,480′
  • Georgia Scorcher: 3,000′
  • Superman: Ultimate Flight: 2,759′
  • Batman: The Ride: 2,700′
  • Total: 12,939′

We’re getting into the real contenders now, with parks that have four coasters from B&M. However, while four coasters is a very impressive number, outside of the Goliath hyper, none of Six Flags Over Georgia’s other three coasters are particularly long. (Though we could argue that 3,000′ on an “OG” stand-up coaster could feel like a very long time, even though Georgia Scorcher has a pretty good reputation compared to other stand-ups.)

9. Busch Gardens Tampa

  • Montu: 3,983′
  • Kumba: 3,978′
  • SheiKra: 3,188′
  • New For 2024: Phoenix Rising: 1,831′
  • Total: 12,980′

Busch Gardens Tampa has arguably two of the most iconic B&M roller coasters of the 1990s with Kumba (1993) and Montu (1996). With the addition of SheiKra in 2005, it gave the park a formidable trio of B&M coasters, which formerly ranked just behind their sister park in Williamsburg, Virginia. However, with the addition of the family-friendly Phoenix Rising in 2024, Busch Gardens Tampa vaults over Williamsburg and Six Flags Over Georgia to take its place inside the “Top 10” of this list.

8. Six Flags Great America

  • Raging Bull: 5,057′
  • X-Flight: 3,000′
  • Superman: Ultimate Flight: 2,798′
  • Batman: The Ride: 2,700′
  • Total: 13,555′

Have you ever stopped and thought that Six Flags Great America and Six Flags Over Georgia have similar B&M coaster line-ups, at least when it comes to ride length? The only difference in these two are the ~600′ of difference between Raging Bull and Goliath, both hypers. Otherwise you’ve got an atypical coaster model that’s 3,000′ long, a Superman flying clone, and a Batman clone.

It’s worth noting that if Iron Wolf, better known (at least to me) as Richie Rich’s Roller Coaster still existed at Six Flags Great America, they would bump up to fourth on this list.

7. Canada’s Wonderland

  • Leviathan: 5,486′
  • Behemoth: 5,318′
  • Yukon Striker: 3,625′
  • Total: 14,429′

One of only three parks in the world containing two B&M coasters with more than a mile’s worth of track, Canada’s Wonderland holds the distinction as the park with the first B&M giga coaster in Leviathan, and added Yukon Striker, the world’s tallest, fastest, and longest dive coaster from B&M, in 2019.

6. Six Flags Magic Mountain

Tatsu Pretzel Loop

  • Riddler’s Revenge: 4,370′
  • Scream!: 3,985′
  • Tatsu: 3,602′
  • Batman: The Ride: 2,700′
  • Total: 14,657′

Outmeasuring Six Flags Great America by 1,100′ of track, Six Flags Magic Mountain ranks highly on this list largely in part to its three custom coaster models — the Riddler’s Revenge stand-up, the floorless Scream! and the iconic flying coaster Tatsu, often considered one of the best B&M flyers in the world. Like other Six Flags parks on this list, they also have a Batman clone.

5. Kings Island

  • Orion: 5,321′
  • Diamondback: 5,282′
  • Banshee: 4,124′
  • Total: 14,727′

There’s often a debate about quantity vs. quality of roller coasters at various parks around the world. While Kings Island only has three B&M roller coasters, they’re the only park in the world to have three B&M’s with a track length of at least 4,000′ long, which ranks them in the top five parks that can stake claim to being the B&M capital of the world.

4. Cedar Point

  • Gatekeeper: 4,164′
  • Raptor: 3,790′
  • Rougarou: 3,900′
  • Valravn: 3,415′
  • Total: 15,269′

America’s “rockin’ roller coast,” Cedar Point has four great B&Ms of its own – a wing coaster in Gatekeeper, an invert with Raptor, the stand-up turned floorless Rougarou, and the only dive coaster to feature an Easter egg where the track spells the name of the state it’s in, Valravn. That said, they also have four non-B&M roller coasters that are longer than their longest B&M. (Millennium Force, Steel Vengeance, Magnum XL-200, and Maverick.)

3. Carowinds

  • Fury 325: 6,602′
  • Intimidator: 5,316′
  • Afterburn: 2,956′
  • Vortex: 2,040′
  • Total: 16,914′

Before we compiled this list, Carowinds was our guess for the park that had the most B&M track. It’s got the longest and sixth-longest B&M coasters in existence with Fury 325 and Intimidator flanking the perimeter of the park, on top of a very solid (albeit compact) invert in Afterburn, and one of B&M’s oldest operating coasters in Vortex. Unfortunately, our guess was off by a few thousand feet.

2. SeaWorld Orlando

  • Mako: 4,760′
  • Kraken: 4,177′
  • Manta: 3,359′
  • New For 2024: Penguin Trek: 3,020′
  • Pipeline: 2,950′
  • Total: 18,266′

It’s wild what a new addition can do..again. With SeaWorld’s 2023 addition of the first-of-its-kind B&M Surf Coaster, Pipeline, jumping the park from 10th on this list to fourth, the “Coaster Capital of Orlando” jumps into the top 2 in 2024 with the addition of “Penguin Trek.” SeaWorld Orlando has firmly established itself as one of the heavy hitters on this list, becoming just the second park with five coasters from B&M, but they’re just about two full-length American Football fields (720′) short of becoming the top park on this list.

1. Six Flags Great Adventure

  • Nitro: 5,394′
  • Green Lantern: 4,155′
  • Medusa: 3,985′
  • Superman: Ultimate Flight: 2,759′
  • Batman: The Ride: 2,693′
  • Total: 18,986′

Remember that quantity vs. quality argument that we talked about a little bit ago? With five B&M coasters, Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey has more operating B&M coasters than any other park in the world except for SeaWorld Orlando, and just narrowly edged them out to claim the top spot on this list. With nearly 19,000′ of B&M track, Six Flags Great Adventure can stake claim to the highly prestigious honor of “B&M Coaster Capital of the World.” (But hey, Nitro, Green Lantern and Medusa are no slouch rides, so the title is well deserved!)

Subjectively, which park do you think has the best B&M line-up? Does Six Flags Great America deserve to wear the crown? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

(A big thank you to @TheChainLift on twitter for sending us down this rabbit hole!)