Kings Island Adding New Adventure Port Area in 2023

Kings Island announced plans today for Adventure Port, a new themed area to debut for the 2023 season with two new rides, upgrades to the Adventure Express mine train coaster and other enhancements.

Adventure Port will be situated between Kings Island’s current Coney Mall and Action Zone areas as labeled in the satellite image below.

Much of this area is currently known as Oktoberfest — the park did not reveal whether or not the Oktoberfest area (including the giant Festhaus dining hall and Viking Fury swinging ship ride) will remain its own area or will be assimilated by the adjacent International Street area.

It appears that the two new flat rides will occupy the space formerly home to the park’s SlingShot attraction, which was removed prior to the start of the 2022 season.

Adventure Port Backstory

The park shared the backstory of the new Adventure Port area:

“The myths of an ancient civilization, and its mighty city carved out of stone, have lured travelers from around the globe to this bustling port community for more than a century.”

“Resting in the foothills of overgrown mountains and dense tropical terrain, Adventure Port is a hub for explorers searching for an ancient civilization’s forbidden temple and mysterious wonders.

If asked, the locals will tell tales of those who came before and vanished. Did they unwittingly disturb ancient spirits and fall victim to an age-old curse?”

Adventure Port Rides

The first of the two new rides is Sol Spin, which appears to be a Zamperla Endeavour ride: “This recently discovered mechanism appears to be an immense sun disk created by an ancient civilization. Riders will board open air, suspended passenger vehicles and experience the sensation of flying 60 feet through the air at 25 mph.”

The second of the new ride is Cargo Loco, a spinning teacups-like ride: “Their methods might be a little dizzying, but the Arrow Cargo Company will get your goods from Point A to Point B…eventually. Riders will board these shipping barrels where they will be able to manually control the speed of their spin with a wheel in the middle of the barrel.”

The park’s Adventure Express mine train coaster, which opened in 1991, will receive enhancements including a relocated queue line and additional theming. The coaster was repainted prior to the start of the 2022 season.

Adventure Port Dining

Additional new features guests will find inside the Adventure Port area include a refresh of Hank’s Mexican Grill which will be renamed to Enrique’s.

Additionally, the current Bier Garten will be transformed into a portside Mercado, a favorite watering hole for tourists and explorers.

“What I love about Adventure Port is that we’ve taken parts of the Adventure Express story and built upon it to create this new themed area,” said Mike Koontz, vice president and general manager of Kings Island.

“When guests who have been coming to the park for years visit this area for the first time, the story will feel familiar, but it will be told in a whole new way.”

What do you think of Kings Island’s 2023 plans? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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