SeaWorld Orlando Announces “Pipeline: The Surf Coaster” for 2023

Ready to “shred the gnar?” After months of teasing a #HighSurfAdvisory, SeaWorld Orlando has announced the parks seventh roller coaster, Pipeline: The Surf Coaster, scheduled to open next spring.

The first-of-its kind “Surf Coaster” from Swiss ride designers Bolliger & Mabillard, Pipeline takes its inspiration from the power of the ocean and marine life, a perfect addition to SeaWorld Orlando’s world-class coaster line-up, good enough to earn the nickname “The Coaster Capital of Orlando.”

Pipeline will feature 2,950′ of track, beginning with a unique launch that will send riders out of the station at speeds of 60 miles per hour. Reaching a maximum height of 110′ tall, the coaster will have five airtime moments, along with one unique “wave curl” inversion.

The Surf Coaster is best described as a “next generation” Stand-Up model from B&M, and the seats will feature movement so that riders can experience “Wave Jumping motions” while riding.

seaworld pipeline coaster

“We are always looking for exciting ways to take thrills to a new level. This first-of-its-kind roller coaster will be the perfect addition to the already incredible lineup of attractions at SeaWorld Orlando,” said Kyle Miller, SeaWorld Orlando Park President. “SeaWorld Orlando will be the only place in the world to ride a roller coaster like this and we welcome everyone looking for the chance to experience it.”

seaworld surfing coaster layout

Construction for Pipeline is already underway, and the coaster is scheduled to open in Spring 2023.

Pipeline: The Surf Coaster Video

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