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Big Bear Mountain Construction Update – Track Arrives at Dollywood

Work continues on Big Bear Mountain, Dollywood’s new-for-2023 multi-launch family coaster — this week, sections of the coaster’s bright orange track began arriving as footers continue to be poured across the sprawling construction site.

The six-acre construction site will soon be home to the longest coaster at Dollywood with a track length of just under 4,000 feet. Big Bear Mountain will reach a top speed of 48 mph and will feature three separate launches.

In case you need a refresher, watch the official Big Bear Mountain animation below:

We’ll start with a ride on the Dollywood Express train, which offers the best view of the pieces of track, which the park confirmed began arriving this week.

The park shared an up-close photo of the track pieces on its social media channels:

The train runs adjacent to the row of shiny track pieces, so you’ll be able to see the track up-close for yourself.

Once erected, the bright orange Vekoma track will contrast well with the crystal clear blue sky, as seen today.

Unfortunately, I didn’t spot any dark green supports. Surely those will arrive soon (it will be challenging to begin vertical construction without them!).

Moving along, the Dollywood Express also gives you a great view of the upper section of the construction site.

This view will look vastly different next year, as you’ll be able to see Big Bear Mountain up close as it races alongside the train.

This access road that parallels the Dollywood Express track gives construction workers better access to the site.

Given the length and expansive construction site, it’s not surprising that the coaster’s countless concrete footers are still being poured.

This angle illustrates how Big Bear Mountain will essentially become the backdrop of Wildwood Grove.

I do hope the park plants some trees in this area. However, the concept art below — if accurate — doesn’t give me much hope.

For another great Big Bear Mountain construction vantage point, head to the Wildwood Grove area (which Big Bear will soon call home).

The following construction photos are all taken from the stretch of Wildwood Grove starting at the Till & Harvest restaurant to the Frogs & Fireflies ride (the area outlined in yellow above).

Much of the work in this area seems to be prepping the site for the giant waterfall structure that the coaster will pass through mid-ride.

I’m not sure what this building will be — a pump station, perhaps? That’s just a guess.

Seeing this tree reminded me — I hope the park plants more trees in the area.

This waterfall element might be my favorite thing about Big Bear Mountain — aside from the coaster itself, of course.

I’m a sucker for waterfalls and rocks, so I’m very invested in this component of the project.

Speaking of waterfalls, from the renderings we’ve seen, it appears that this small waterfall will remain unaltered.

More footers on the hillside…

…and another one.

This area of Wildwood Grove will definitely be one of the best spots to take photos of the ride in action.

Big Bear Mountain is scheduled to open in spring 2023. Stay tuned for more construction updates!


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