SeaWorld San Diego Announces Arctic Rescue Roller Coaster

SeaWorld San Diego announced their new roller coaster for 2023 this morning: Arctic Rescue. 

Arctic Rescue coming to SeaWorld San Diego in Spring 2023.

The new ride will be an Intamin Family Launch coaster, looking pretty similar to Wave Breaker at sister park SeaWorld San Antonio. The multi-launch coaster is themed to a snowmobile rescuing animals in distress.

You’ll go through three separate launches on the ride, each getting slightly faster, from 34mph to 38mph to 40 mph. In total it will be 2800 feet long, and stay pretty close to the ground with heights up to 30 feet.

Wave Breaker at SeaWorld San Antonio is the only other Intamin Family Launch coaster in the US.

The launch station for the ride takes over the indoor space that used to be occupied by the Wild Arctic simulator ride, inside the Wild Arctic animal exhibit, and have an interesting combination of indoor and outdoor track. When we visited last Spring work was already underway inside the space.


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“We’re continuously looking for ways to add new experiences to the park for our guests and this new coaster is a great addition to our ride line-up and a perfect complement to the Wild Arctic exhibit,” said Jim Lake, SeaWorld San Diego Park President. “The ride is also an educational opportunity for guests to learn more about climate change, how it impacts animals in the Arctic and what they can do to help the issue. I truly feel that seeing these animals up-close at SeaWorld allows guests to build a stronger connection and encouragement to take action to help protect them.”

The park is pitching Arctic Rescue as the “longest and fastest Straddle Coaster on the West Coast.” That makes it the second “Straddle Coaster” coming to the chain in 2023 alongside DarKoaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Those two rides will be only the second and third of these Intamin Family launch coasters in North America when they open.

Interestingly, Arctic Rescue will also be the second “family launch” coaster at SeaWorld San Diego, joining Manta, the two launch coaster built by Mack Rides. Manta is also 2800 feet, and 30 feet, tall, hitting a speed of 43 mph, so similar stats. But, Manta is also our favorite ride at the park right now, so no complains about adding a similar ride!

Arctic Rescue is set to open in Spring 2023. For more on Arctic Rescue, and SeaWorld San Diego, head over to their website. And for all other new for 2023 ride news make sure to check out our running list of coasters opening in 2023, including the new ride just announced for SeaWorld San Antonio!