SeaWorld San Antonio Adding First-of-its-kind Flume Coaster in 2023

SeaWorld San Antonio today announced the construction of a NEW water flume coaster, Catapult Falls, coming in 2023. The first-of-its-kind ride combines the thrill of a launched roller coaster, the excitement of a vertical lift elevator that lifts riders above the theme park, and a water flume ride with the steepest drop, to produce multiple rushes of adrenaline as well as moments of exciting splashes to cool guests down.

catapult falls flume coaster seaworld

“Catapult Falls will be the perfect addition to our already fantastic line up of family rides,” said Byron Surrett, SeaWorld San Antonio President. “Not only will it provide thrills for those wanting the exhilaration of a coaster-type ride, but being a water ride, it will give guests one more way to cool down in the hot Texas temperatures.  It will be the perfect family adventure ride.”

World’s First Launched Flume Coaster and Steepest Drop in a Flume Attraction

Guests will experience the world’s first launched flume coaster! Eleven boats, each with eight riders, will catapult through the launch at speeds of 30 feet per second (20.45 mph), allowing riders to feel the rush of a coaster while experiencing the rocking and swaying of riding on a track of water.  Once at the peak of the ride, guests will experience the world’s steepest drop in a flume attraction! Angled at a staggering 53 degrees, the chute plummets riders into a watery splashdown at over 37 miles per hour. The duration of this one-of-a-kind attraction is in excess of five minutes, making for a wonderful family adventure.

North America’s Only Vertical Lift Flume Coaster

After winding through a series of twists and turns, Catapult Falls uses a state-of-the-art elevator, the only one on the continent in an attraction of this kind, to lift guests up seven feet per second to reach a height of over 55 feet. The breathtaking views don’t last long as the ride prepares guests for the ultimate plunge!

Catapult Falls Construction Pictures

Our West coaster correspondent Eric visited the park the weekend before the big announcement and got a glimpse of the ride’s future home.

Catapult Falls makes its debut in 2023 joining an impressive collection of thrill rides including the Great White, a floorless inverted coaster; the Steel Eel, a hyper-coaster that takes guest through a series of gravity defying camelbacks; Texas Stingray, the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster in Texas; Wave Breaker: the Rescue Coaster, where guests board jet ski-like cars and join SeaWorld’s Rescue Team to help an animal in need; and Tidal Surge, the world’s tallest and fastest ride of its kind.

We’re keeping an updated list of roller coasters opening in 2023 here, including SeaWorld San Diego’s new multi-launch coaster.

Are you looking forward to Catapult Falls? Do you consider it a coaster credit? Let us know in the comments below!