Tusenfryd Announces Inverted Launched Gerstlauer Coaster for 2023

Norway’s Tusenfryd theme park announced they will be opening a brand new multi-launch inverted coaster by Gerstlauer for the 2023 season. Storm – The Dragon Legend will begin with a forwards-backwards-forwards triple launch sequence into a tight layout featuring multiple inversions. This roller coaster will be the first of its type for Europe and comes with a price tag of 100 million Norwegian Krone.


Note the track already delivered to the park appears to be blue and not yellow as seen in the images. Storm will be Tusenfryd’s eighth roller coaster, joining the ranks of Speed Monster, an Intamin hydraulic launch coaster opened in 2008. Construction actually began in March 2020 but was soon put on hold due to the pandemic.

This will be just the second inverted roller coaster manufactured by Gerstlauer, the first being Lipovitan Rocket Luna at Yomuriland in 2021.

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