The Coaster101 Podcast: What Makes Canada’s Wonderland So Wonderful

Three members of the Coaster101 team recently met at Canada’s Wonderland to experience the Toronto amusement park’s 17 roller coasters and on today’s podcast we talk all about them! In a year when it felt like every other coaster enthusiast went to Europe over the summer, we decided we had to go international too, so naturally we went to Canada.

On this week’s episode of the Coaster101 Podcast we discuss:

  • What’s the best roller coaster at Canada’s Wonderland?
  • What’s the fourth best coaster at the park?
  • What’s the worst roller coaster at Canada’s Wonderland?
  • Is Yukon Striker the best dive coaster?
  • How does Leviathan stack up to other B&M giga coasters Fury 325 and Orion?
  • Is Vortex the best remaining Arrow suspended coaster in the world?
  • What surprised us about Canada’s Wonderland
  • How’s the food at Canada’s Wonderland
  • What type of coaster should Canada’s Wonderland get next?
  • And much more!

Correction: the first inversion on Yukon Striker is 187 feet (not 183 like incorrectly stated during the show, sorry).

Read our complete ranking and rating for all the roller coasters at Canada’s Wonderland here.

Check out Tyler’s YouTube Channel, Wonderland Weekly.

Vortex vs Bat POV:

Highlights from our day, including Sledge Hammer:

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