Dinosaur Island Roars Back at the Columbus Zoo

The ever-popular Dinosaur Island is back from extinction at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Dinosaur Island transports guests 65 million years in the past on a quest to find more than 17 animatronic dinosaurs via a short walk-through followed by a slow moving boat ride. Made of steel with a urethane waterproof skin, the dinosaurs have eyes that shift, tails that move, mouths that roar, and electronic “brains” that activate and control their movements and sounds. The result is a thrilling experience that is sure to delight visitors of all ages.

columbus zoo boat ride dino island

Grahm S. Jones, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The dinosaurs were acquired from Billings Productions, Inc./The Dinosaur Company located in Allen, Texas. Some of the awesome creatures you’ll see on your expedition inslude:

  • Tyrannosaurus rex: Lived in the late Cretaceous period (approximately 65 million years ago). Name means “tyrant lizard king.”
  • Megalosaurus: Lived in the middle Jurassic period (170-155 million years ago). First dinosaur to be discovered. Name means “Great Lizard.”
  • Pachyrhinosaurus: Lived in the late Cretaceous period (76-74 million years ago). Plant eater; named because of a bony plate where similar species commonly had a horn.
  • Brachiosaurus. Lived in the late Jurassic period (145 million years ago). One of the tallest dinosaur that ever lived!
  • Stegosaurus. Lived in the late Jurassic period (155 to 145 million years ago). Spikes on their tail were used for self-defense.

Dinosaur Island 2022 Walkthrough and Boat Ride POV

My family has made it a tradition to ride the boat every year. Below is this year’s version. It’s never exactly the same each year. In fact, you can see for yourself as I’ve embedded all the videos of the last five versions of Dinosaur Island.

Dinosaur Island 2021

After a year hiatus due to the global pandemic, Dinosaur Island returned to the Columbus Zoo.

2020 – none due to pandemic

Dinosaur Island 2019

This might be my favorite iteration of the attraction. What’s yours?

Dinosaur Island 2018

Dinosaur Island 2017

After two years of pirates, the dinosaurs made their way back to the zoo. Do you prefer pirates or dinosaurs?

Pirate Island 2016

Pirates returned to the zoo for the second year of their two year run. I wonder if we’ll ever see them again? I feel like some of the props were used for the Zombiezi Bay haunted attraction.

Pirate Island 2015

I believe the first dinosaur overlay of the boat ride was in 2013, but I don’t have any video from 2013 or 2014. Pirates replaced the dinosaurs for the 2015 season.

A special admission ticket is required for entrance and is not included with Zoo admission. Admission to Dinosaur Island is $3 for general admission, $2 for Columbus Zoo members and free for Columbus Zoo Gold members, as well as included in the price of a ZooMore ride wristband. Revenue from the family-friendly rides and attractions like Dinosaur Island helps to support the Zoo’s operating budget, which also benefits the Zoo’s animal care and conservation initiatives.

For more information about the Zoo’s summer happenings and rides and attractions, visit ColumbusZoo.org and follow the Columbus Zoo on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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