The Coaster101 Podcast: Arthur Levine Talks Substack, Guardians, and More!

When starting a podcast, like we did in 2020, you have a list of guests you really want to try to get on the show. It took almost two years, but we got one of our “big fish,” Theme Park Journalist Arthur Levine.

Known mostly for his work in USA Today, TripSavvy (fka, and frequent appearances on the CoasterRadio podcast, Arthur has recently started a new journalism venture with the creation of his Substack newsletter, which you can find at

On this week’s episode, Arthur joins Andrew to talk all things theme park journalism, including how he got his start in his 30-year journalism career writing about theme parks, his new Substack newsletter, and more. There’s a great discussion about Guardians of the Galaxy and of all things, Professional Wrestling. You don’t want to miss it!

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You can find Arthur on Twitter at @aboutthemeparks.

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