The Coaster101 Podcast: IAAPA Mini-sode #3: Adam Sandy and Zamperla Coasters

Happy IAAPA Week! You’ve made it to our third of four interviews with companies exhibiting at IAAPA, and today, we’re joined by past podcast guest Adam Sandy of Zamperla’s Roller Coaster Division.

Photo: American Coaster Enthusiasts

It’s been a busy year for Zamperla with the announcement of the Double Heart Coaster, new roller coasters in the United States and in Asia, and they’re not done! In 2022, they will debut a “Lift & Launch” family coaster at a park in North America, and on the show floor today, are announcing a never-before-released coaster concept! (More on that later…This episode is coming out a little bit before the announcement, so if you want to be the first to know, we have a bit of an exclusive!)

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