Cedar Point Retiring Antique Cars; New Dining Location on the Way

As a news helicopter flew over Cedar Point earlier this week, they discovered something was missing. The park’s Antique Cars were in the process of being removed. Today, Cedar Point confirmed in a blog post that the antique cars are being removed to make way for a new new chef-inspired signature restaurant in Frontier Town.

Photo: Cedar Point

While most details for the new dining outlet have not yet been revealed, Cedar Point’s Director of Communications Tony Clark notes the “entire team is working on menu, theming, name and more,” and details will be announced in the coming months.

“The culinary experience at Cedar Point continues to get better each season,” wrote Clark. “This is another huge step in providing quality dining experiences for all tastes and preferences.”

It was noted that the covered bridge, through which the Antique Cars passed through, is in the plans to be kept as part of the new restaurant, and guests will have the opportunity to actually walk over it instead of drive!

While details on the cuisine aren’t available yet, we’d like to throw in a suggestion to replicate the menu from Chef Robert Irvine’s trip to Cedar Point during a recent episode of Dinner Impossible. Sign me up for Brisket Burnt End Mac & Cheese and Mushroom Poutine!

If you’re still looking to get behind the wheel of a slow-moving replica classic automobile while at Cedar Point. Cadillac Cars will continue to operate on the park’s midway, across from the Sweet Spot.

Photo: Cedar Point

This Chef-Inspired Signature restaurant will not be the only new restaurant of its kind opening at Cedar Fair park in 2022 — Kings Dominion will also open a new signature restaurant as part of the park’s new Jungle X-Pedition area! 

2022 will be a big season for the Sandusky park. According to Cedar Fair, the park’s full lineup of entertainment will return in 2022 with the popular Frontier Festival at the start of the season, Cedar Point Nights and the Celebrate Spectacular Parade during the heat of the summer and HalloWeekends in the fall.

In addition, the re-imagined Castaway Bay Indoor Waterpark hotel will welcome back families with all-new guest rooms, enhanced amenities, kid-friendly activities and a new take on dining, all intertwined with a whimsical theme that connects sea, land and air. Sawmill Creek, located just a short drive from the park, will be reintroduced as a natural escape ideal for a retreat from the ordinary. The resort will showcase a full renovation of guest rooms, eclectic dining options, golf course upgrades, outdoor amenities and an enhanced convention and meeting space experience.

Both Castaway Bay and Sawmill Creek are scheduled to debut before the 2022 summer season.

The park also confirmed the Wicked Twister roller coaster is being scrapped, not relocated to another Cedar Fair property (except a few components that can be reused).

For more information on the new restaurant and all goings-on at Cedar Point this off-season, be sure to visit Cedar Point’s website, and follow the park on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tony Clark’s Twitter




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