Brick-by-Brick Legoland New York Review

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2 Responses

  1. We just got home from a two and a half day trip to Legoland, NY. I agree that more shade is needed and more shortcuts to get from the top of the park down to the bottom AND back up again. I felt like I had been on the stair master machine at the gym after walking down and then back up again! Heat was a major issue the days we were at the park but the drink stations were a life saver. Load up on the ice! I’d also like to know why the restaurants close so early in the park? We tried to go eat dinner in the park only to be met with closed signs all over after 6:00. The park is open until 8:00 and the restaurants should be opened as well, at least later than 6:00! There needs to be more food options that include more vegetarian meals and DAIRY FREE options. The food was better at the park than at the hotel. We stayed at the Legoland hotel; is there a shuttle to bring you from the park entrance back up the hill to the hotel? That should also be included AND advertised to guests as an option. Little legs as well as older legs get really REALLY tired after all the walking. With the heat and all the walking, that would be a God send! Overall though, we had a great experience!

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