Six Flags Great Adventure’s Coasters Ranked By A First Time Visitor

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10 Responses

  1. Sean T Clarke says:

    Where is el Toro? That’s #1

    • Shane says:

      Hi Sean,

      Like I mention in the introduction, El Toro is unfortunately closed for the remainder of this season, but I am looking forward to riding once it reopens!


  2. B Black says:

    No El Toro???? Impossible

  3. Nick says:

    He clearly mentions El Toro was closed. But it’s overrated anyways 😉

    • Jamea says:

      This list is completely bogus. Great adventure season ticket holder for most of the past 10 years

      First bizarro is a slow boring ride . Rarely a line to get on.

      Nitro is second best coaster by far followed by Kinda Ka

      Batman the ride is ancient and slow .

      El toro is king. Longest line in park ( besides kinda ka which has frequent technical shutdowns and ride holds to accommodate kamajaro drop of doom which is attached to the same structure) hope they reopen soon

  4. Edgardo says:

    The rankings are on target but someone should rank the park Itself for I’m a Jersey boy and been going there for almost 40 yrs. The park Is not clean, Kingda Ka smelled like vomit, the metal Is rusty, no fresh paint, any wood decor around the park that I seen was rotted, the animal area where they keep 2 Cheetahs, we’ll Is not maintained. I was disappointed for I’ve seen this park In the glory days. I wish that the owner wood give It back Its sheen of the yesteryears.

  5. Lillian says:

    I went all the rides.

  6. Kristin says:

    Kingda Blah sucks. Doesn’t deserve the top spot. Nitro all the way.

  7. Jeff says:

    Superman.. A clone built on a flat parking lot.. has “good use of terrain”? … Okay?

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