Pantheon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg Opening March 2022

The final domino has fallen when looking at the opening dates for the five SeaWorld Parks coasters that were originally supposed to be “new-for-2020.” Pantheon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, like Iron Gwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa and Emperor at SeaWorld San Diego, will open in March 2022. 

Pantheon features two inversions, four launches, five air-time hills, a 95 degree drop, a height of 180 feet, and a record-breaking top speed of 73 miles per hour. This all-new coaster incorporates five mighty gods, including Pluto, Mercury, Jupiter, Minerva, and Neptune, with an aspect of the track reflecting their respective powers.

“Pantheon will be an incredible addition to our world class coaster lineup, and showcase our dedication to bringing innovative, exciting new rides to the park,” said park President, Kevin Lembke. “As with so many others, we faced unprecedented challenges over the past two years, resulting in delays to the scheduled opening. We are so grateful for the excitement and patience of our guests, as the March 2022 opening of Pantheon marks an exciting new page in the story of Busch Gardens.”

2022 members will be treated like VIPs as they are among the first to ride and experience Busch Gardens’ all-new, record-breaking multi-launch coaster, Pantheon, opening in March 2022. In addition to member exclusive first-to-ride preview days, members with at least three visits to Busch Gardens Williamsburg between September 10 and December 31, 2021 will receive their invitation to an exclusive Passport to Thrills Celebration, featuring Pantheon. This exclusive VIP event will include special entertainment, refreshments, and more. Details and enrollment information can be found by clicking here.

Before COVID-19 derailed plans for 2020, we had the opportunity to take a construction tour while Pantheon was finishing construction in January 2020. Be sure to check that out by clicking here!

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