Coaster101 Photo Contest 2021: Results

Your votes have been tallied and the Coaster101 writers have made their selections — that means the 2021 Coaster101 Photo Contest results are ready to be announced!

Listed below are the winners and honorable mentions for each of this year’s categories: steel coaster, wooden coaster and “coaster-less.” Each category has two sets of winners — those chosen by readers (via Facebook likes in each category’s respective photo gallery on our Facebook page) and Coaster101’s Choice, which was chosen by the Coaster101 team.

We had some incredible entries this year, so voting was — for us at least — challenging to say the least. And as you’ll see, a couple of the categories were very close.

Winners, you should have received an email from us with instructions for your prizes. Please contact us if you haven’t received one yet.

Thank you to all who entered and voted, and we look forward to next year’s contest.

Steel Coaster Category: Readers’ Choice

Winner: David R.

Honorable Mention: Stephanie R.

Steel Coaster Category: Coaster101’s Choice

Winner: Luca B.

Honorable Mention: Grace C.

Wooden Coaster Category: Readers’ Choice

Winner: Jack L.

Honorable Mention: Timothy S.

Wooden Coaster Category: Coaster101’s Choice

Winner (tie): Thomas M.

Winner (tie): Vejas B.

Honorable Mention: Grace M.

Coaster-less Category: Readers’ Choice

Winner (tie): Jack L.

Winner (tie): Stephanie R.

Honorable Mention: Timothy S.

Coaster-less Category: Coaster101’s Choice

Winner: Timothy S.

Honorable Mention: Jack L.

See all of this year’s entries here.

Thank you again to all who entered, and we can’t wait to see more amazing photos in next year’s contest!