Six New Experiences Coming to SCarowinds

After a year off, SCarowinds is returning to the midways of Carowinds to celebrate the 20th edition of the scariest Halloween event in the Carolinas. While past mazes and scare zones like Slaughterhouse: The Final Cut, Depths of Darkness, and Blood Yard are back for another year of scares, Carowinds has added six new terrifying experiences to make the 20th SCarowinds the most frightening yet.

New Mazes

Through the years, SCarowinds has featured multiple “Corn” mazes. With both Cornstalkers to Dark Harvest, you never knew what would be “stalking” you in the cornfields. While Dark Harvest is no longer in the maze line-up, a new corn maze has popped up in Celebration Plaza: The Reaping. 

According to SCarowinds lore:

In a normal world, scarecrows protect treasured corn crops from murders of crows. (If you didn’t know, a group of crows is called a “murder.”) But in our world, scarecrows prefer to preside over a different kind of murder. In this corn maze, no one is safe when scarecrows and looming towers of corn close in all around you. No one gives you a kernel of truth as to how to escape. Ears are everywhere, but all are deaf to your screams for help.

As you race through this haunted maze straight from the underworld, you never know what you will encounter. Will you find husks of corn or the husks of adventurers who came before you? What’s around the next CORNer in a place where you’re continuously STALKed? You’ll be aMAZEd just to get out of this tangle of death.

Along the Nighthawk pathway, guests of SCarowinds will remember the hospital themed Seventh Ward and Urgent Scare mazes. This maze has been completely rethemed for 2021, and will now house a maze known as Tooth Fairy. If you’re afraid of going to the dentist, this maze will really sink its teeth into you.

Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy? You better, or you might be the next donor to her vast collection of human teeth – and various other body parts.

Our Tooth Fairy seeks out parents who don’t believe in her. Is this you? Poor fool. Prepare to be snatched from your warm, cozy bed and dragged to her underworld clinic. Trapped within blood-stained walls, all you can hear are whirring drills and ear-piercing screams. The Tooth Fairy’s dental assistants – gassers, extractors, grinders, and taxidermists – grab their crusty, rusty tools and come at you, hungry to begin your “treatment.”

Will you find your way out of this haunted maze? Or will you suffer the fate of non-believers who came before you? If only you had believed in the Tooth Fairy…

The Reaping and Tooth Fairy will join Slaughterhouse, Silver Scream Studios, and Depths of Darkness to give SCarowinds a total of five haunted mazes this season.

New Scare Zones

Near Afterburn, a new scare zone is being constructed to strike guests with fear. Quoth the Ravens, “Nevermore,” in the all-new Raven’s Nest. 

You stumble upon a park. It’s dark as pitch, but if you look hard enough, you’ll see the remains of a once-beautiful garden. The nearby Victorian architecture looks charming but, as you’ll soon realize, hides the forsaken park’s wretchedness.

You see a raven, or as poet Edgar Allen Poe described in “The Raven”, a “grim, ungainly, ghastly, gaunt, and ominous bird of yore.” Not just one ominous bird, but an entire conspiracy* of ravens.

The foul fowl, with jet black feathers and fiery eyes that burn into your core, seek to taunt you, to haunt you. Round and round they go in this wicked scare zone, encircling you, and screeching in high pitches that are sure to wake the dead.

Do these feathered friends wish for you to return their grisly garden? Quoth the ravens, “Nevermore.”

Formerly located in Celebration Plaza as Fleet Street, the London skyline is moving slightly in 2021, setting up along the Nighthawk pathway as Ripper Alley. The storyline this year seems to focus less on the threat of Jack the Ripper, but more on the ghosts that haunt the city.

There’s an old English tale that says ghosts only appear in places that have known either great misery or great happiness. In Ripper Alley these days, it’s more of the latter. In this part of London that prosperity forgot, evil spirits of tortured souls hover in the air like the city’s thick fog.

Fear of demons, death, and destruction consume the minds of those still living – if you can call it that. The morphed, crazed residents seem to come after normal humans – like you – so try not to get near or even look at them. If curiosity killed the cat, you’d surely find yourself at the bottom of the Thames River.

In total, there are eight scare zones, as Ripper Alley and Raven’s Nest are joined by Blood Yard, CarnEVIL, Deadman’s Landing, Grave Walkers, Outlaw’s Revenge and The Hollow.

New Shows

SCarowinds has a new icon this year: Queen Sceleratus, and with a new icon comes a new show, which takes place three times each night of SCarowinds: Queen’s Ball

You are cordially invited to The Queen’s Ball, a decadent affair everyone is DYING to attend!

Equal parts beauty and brute, this larger-than-life matriarch leads a life of decadence and debauchery, treachery, and torture. Her current desire is to ensure there is no confusion about who is boss. How to do it? An extravagant event, of course!

With her Duke serving as master of ceremonies and her Duchess attending as Queen Sceleratus’ right hand, Her Royal Majesty throws a Halloween show like no other. The Royal Court of talented dancers, mesmerizing acrobats, and side-show acts entertain and delight all who watch.

But as guests enjoy The Ball’s entertainment, something strange happens to them. A hypnotic trance takes hold, and they give in to her every wish. Be strong and withstand her power, lest you fall into her evil grip, too.

Over in Blood Yard, another new show will get your heart pounding, hard’t BEATZ. 

The naughty comes out at night at hard’t BEATZ, SCarowinds’ all-new Halloween show. Hearts pound and bodies pulse when dancers return from the dead and overtake the street in a raucous party.

Our possessed performers are singularly focused on satisfying their innermost desires – those that balance the fine line between pleasure and pain. The DJ is at their mercy, pumping out the hottest beats to keep them appeased.

A bit steamy and a bit risqué, Halloween entertainment has never been quite like this!

hard’t BEATZ takes place five times each night, on the half hour.

If you’re looking for a show that’s a little more fun and a little less spooky, head to the Harmony Hall patio for the Ghouling Pianos. 

Enjoy a tasty spirit with our musical spirits! When you need to take a break during SCarowinds, rest your weary bones with the sublime Ghouling Pianos in the FEAR Garden (the undead’s version of a beer garden).

Sip a delicious brew with your favorite goblin and sit back to enjoy our duo of dueling piano players from the underworld. Performing favorite Halloween tunes and your requests, our ghouling ghouls are a monster mash-up of quick wit, sass, and fun.

It’s sure to be a Graveyard Smash!

Along with the frights, SCarowinds will also feature night rides on more than two dozen Carowinds attractions. SCarowinds begins on September 17, and will operate on select nights through Halloween Night, October 31. For more information, be sure to visit the SCarowinds website, and follow the park on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 


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