A Grand Return to Six Flags Great America

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  1. Amanda E Velasquez says:

    Went on June 13th and am thinking of canceling my family membership. Definetly going to cancel my dining pass . Most of the restaurants are closed. Which makes the few that are open have ridiculous wait times. Due to staffing issues the crowd can’t be controlled which makes me feel like the park should have stuck to reservation restrictions until they have enough staff.

    • Jenna Murphy says:

      Went for the first time in 5 years and was really disappointed. So many ride closures, especially rhe water rides. Over priced food to be expected, but couldn’t even eat it the chicken at Strutters. Park certainly needs new paint and rehauls in areas.

  2. martin mockenhaupt says:

    I think SFGA will remove Vertical Velocity and Yankee Clipper before the go carts(which are relatively new and popular… An Aquaman power splash would be an interesting upgrade and have elements of both VV and YC. Also VV can be used a another part, like SFNE could replace SBNO Goliath. I would miss YC, but it rarely runs nowadays and requires a large crew to operate. CGA removed their YC years ago and more recently Loggers run

  3. martin mockenhaupt says:

    SFGA hinted Buckaneer Battle might be replaced… I think a Skyscreamer or Giant pendulum would fit and I am suprised SFGA has neither yet. A giant pendulum would allow them to remove Revolution…although SFNE has both Tomahawk and Spinsanity

  4. Susan R Matthews says:

    Diamond Elite with reserved parking, full dining pass, 3 hour line to get 2 skip the line benefit and gift shop discounts…none of the benefits in 2 trips thus far. Will give it one more try…then will cancel 4 memberships due to breech of contract…epic fail Six Flags

    • Eric Peppin says:

      We had the same problem, the single day flash pass has a mobile app but members have to wait an hour or more for their flash pass??? WTF is that???

  5. G. Colòn says:

    Just went too SFGA July 25 and it just didn’t feel like the SFGA from when I was younger. So many restaurants and rides closed. The park felt so small. And there was no crowd control at all. Couldn’t get a Flash Pass because they “sold out”. 1st time that’s happen, and I hit the park at least 4-5 times a year for the last 8 years and never ran into flash passes being sold out. Smgdh. The park needs a major paint job and overhaul. All in all, I think I’ll throw my season pass in my end table drawer, because I have no plans of attending the park anymore this season. Hopefully they can get the wild crowds under control and hire more staff so that the entire park can open finally.

  6. Joseph Middlebrooks says:

    Went to SFGA on 9/18 for 1st time. Used diamond membership for preferred parking. Was able to tide many rides before park became crazy full waiting for Fright Night. Left at 5, but used both dining passes through mobile order and food was ready really quick with no wait. Great experience. Bought memberships to bisit miltiple parks throught the year and SFGA was one of the nicest. Dont go to SF Georgia. Will go to Fiesta, Montreal, and New York parks next.

    • Jennifer says:

      The rides listed above where not closed due to staffing. They are rarely open or permanently closed. Demon: Often closed due to maintenance
      Buccaneer Battle: Often closed. Has been since ’19 season. No idea why.
      Roaring Rapids: Permanently closed. Maintenance costs to high. Look for a new ride here in the next couple seasons?
      Yankee Clipper: Have not seen this open in years and, pre-pandemic, my kids and I went almost weekly during the summer.

      They definitely need to add some paint and a face lift to this park. And keep the restaurants open because the lines get up to 2 hrs sometimes which is just ridiculous.

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