8 Weird Things Found at this Unusual Amusement Park

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  1. Ronald Middleton says:

    This run down,out dated rides which are dangerous and could hurt or kill someone at anytime,needs to be closed. If you stand in the parking lot and at the bottom of the first drop of the “infamous cannonball” you can see for yourself that the track bounces up off the ground and shakes so violently that you are sure that one day soon that thing is going to kill and or injure several riders. These rides aren’t thoroughly inspected and at the beginning of the year of business,they are only inspected by the employees operating these rides. If the “test run” goes ok then it is deemed safe for operation. These rides aren’t inspected professionally.

  2. Dennis says:

    This claim is false and damaging to the reputation of someone’s business. I just stumbled upon the article as well as your comment, which every day patrons might believe. Have you taken a look at their safety record?? Those as well as news about injury spread faster than wildfire, with social media and the web. I can assure you 100% that they are inspected regularly,and repairs made. There is a governing body that requires several per year in order to operate as a park, open to the public. Its Not a choice they make, but a tax they pay to a overseeing body that conducts regular and random inspections.

  3. Darlene Lutton says:

    I remember taking our two oldest grandsons (now 16 and 19) when they where small. We live in Nashville. We all had a great time. We have other grands we need to bring. I know they would have a great time. In my opinion it is like a mini Disney, and a lot easier to manipulate. They have free sunscreen and lots of shady places. It is also a very clean park and seemed very safe to us.

    • Nicole Hedden says:

      I live within a half hour of Lake Winnie. I take my son there yearly and we always have a great time. Tickets are very affordable, the park is clean, and they have rides for every age.

  4. Chris says:

    If you want to sing the praises of the Wacky Factory, how about you start with the fact it is one of the last surviving dark rides by the legendary designer Bill Tracey that Lake Winnie has gutted, chopped into pieces, and virtually destroyed? Instead of investing in it properly, they chopped the entire ride IN HALF (the entire second story is now gone), and spray painted dayglo “wackiness” over what should be considered a freaking historical landmark!

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