Six Flags Over Georgia First-Timers’ Initial Reactions

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4 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    Went to Six Flags the day before you. Splash Mountain, the area you referred to as a power splash ride is actually being demolished. I saw three sections taken out during our visit. It had been at Six Flags for years. Don’t know why they were taking it out.

  2. Ricky Jones says:

    Went to six flags of Ga yesterday 7/14, was kind of shock of 25 dollars parking. Lot needs a lot of repairs. Where does this money go, Pot holds, broken asphalt, then come out at end read sign, I’m responsible for break ins.
    The ride Item 30 Rocking Tub rudest boy ever, also lazy marking on ground entrance and exit, he had everyone exiting and entering same gate. We were all waiting on entrance gate he said you coming in or not. Entrance and Exit put there for reason, he found lazy way to control people.

  3. Barbara says:

    Recent to Six Flags was a huge disappointment. Dirty. Most rides not open. Food terribly expensive. A chef salad. French fries, two drinks, $37.00. Salad was terrible . We only stayed about 3 hours. Kids were disappointed and just wanted to go home. Wouldn’t recommend going to anyone.

  4. I’m glad I decided not to go during the 2021 season, because they’re STILL taking too long to reopen the Mind Bender, and I just WON’T go to the park until ALL roller coasters are opened for goodness sake! ? This park has been going downhill recently, because of too much rides closed, and most of all, Mind Bender stayed closed for nearly 2 years, and that’s a big screw up for me, and it’s so unforgivable! ? I decided to postpone the trip again to Spring 2022, so that I can finally ride all the roller coasters again! ?

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