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The Coaster101 Podcast: Grappling With Theme Park Fandom with Matt Rehwoldt and Shaul Guerrero

It’s not every day that we get verified follows on Twitter. To be honest, a lot of notable people aren’t ready to let their theme park fandom fly so openly. One of those such follows came from @DramaKingMatt, Matt Rehwoldt. Professional Wrestling fans may know Matt better from his time in WWE when he performed under the ring name of Aiden English.


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Matt got interested in theme parks and roller coasters at the urging of his wife, Shaul Guerrero (yes, wrestling fans, that Guerrero family. Eddie’s daughter.) In this episode, we talk to both Matt and Shaul about their collective theme park fandom (they love Disney and Universal Parks!), the crossover between theme park and professional wrestling fans, professional wrestling, whiskey, and oddly enough, a story about “Stone Cold” Steve Austin wearing jorts and a poncho at Six Flags Great America.

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