The Coaster101 Podcast, Episode 31: The Unofficial Guide to Universal Orlando with Seth Kubersky

For the next few weeks, we’re going to focus on interviews of people, both in and out of the industry, with the key linking factor that they have great stories to tell! We’re back this week with another fantastic interview subject: Seth Kubersky, author of the Unofficial Guide to Universal Orlando 2021!

Seth has more than 20 years experience in the theme park realm, and actually got his start in his career at Universal Orlando’s former Ghostbusters show. Now in it’s sixth edition, the Unofficial Guide to Universal Orlando gives readers all of the ins-and-outs to plan the best possible Universal Orlando vacation. (And when we say all of them, we mean all of them.)

We’re also giving away a copy of the most recent edition of the Unofficial Guide to Universal Orlando. To enter for your chance to win: text “SETH” to 419-742-2101. It’s that easy! We will select a winner at random, and will contact the winner on Monday, February 15! Thanks to Ulimi for our text code!

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Be sure you’re following Seth on twitter at @Skubersky and the Unofficial Guides on twitter at @theUGseries. And if you want to skip the chance to win and buy your own copy of the Unofficial Guide to Universal Orlando, you can purchase it where ever books are sold!

Also, it’s touched on in the podcast, but we interviewed Seth for the site back in 2015. Check it out here! 

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