A Very Amusing Disney Coaster Discussion with Carlye Wisel – The Coaster101 Podcast

This week on the podcast we’re joined by a very special guest: Theme Park journalist extraordinaire Carlye Wisel!

Carlye writes about theme parks for publications as wide ranging as Travel & Leisure, Eater, and SyFy, and this past summer started her own podcast — Very Amusing with Carlye Wisel. If you’ve ever wanted to learn all kinds of things about how Disney and Universal theme parks work, it’s the show for you. She also just recently made Blooloops list of the top 50 most influential people in the themed entertainment industry! So safe to say Andrew and I were excited to have her join us.

We discuss the origins of Very Amusing, some of the best things Carlye’s learned since starting it, what we should be looking forward to, and much more about her new podcast. Then we get into a lengthy discussion of Disney’s roller coasters, comparing our top-3, dreaming about overseas coasters to bring to the US, and even a little debate about Space Mountains.

Go subscribe to Very Amusing wherever you get podcasts, and find Carlye on social media everywhere at @carlyewisel. Huge thanks to her for joining us! And seriously, if you want Disney news, she is the best person to follow on social media. Plus check out the interview we did with Carlye earlier this year: https://c101.co/39QcS3K

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