Coaster101’s Audio Guide To Quassy Amusement Park – The Coaster101 Podcast

This week on the Coaster101 Podcast we’re going hyper regional! Shane paid a visit to Quassy Amusement Park, a small pay-as-you-go park in his neck of the woods best known for their Gravity Group Coaster, Wooden Warrior. He and Andrew get into everything you need to know about Quassy. They also answer some listener questions!

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If you’re a Quassy fan, let us know what some of your tips are. And if you’re a fan of any other small regional parks, let us know which ones we should talk about! Email [email protected], or hit us up on social media at @Coaster101 everywhere. Also send us questions! We’re trying to answer a listener question at the top of every show, so ask us anything you’d like about parks, coasters, the website, sports, whatever.


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