Pricing Out a 2021 Cedar Fair Season Pass

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  1. CED says:

    Article would be more informative if you actually showed the changes in prices from 2020 early season prices at this time.. ie….Cedar Point & Kings Island both increased Gold Passes by $20. Kings Dominion decreased Gold Passes by $13, Carowinds by $8,WOF by $16 and Dorney by a whopping $28.

  2. Grobble says:

    All Season Platinum Fast Lane is $875 not $849

  3. Andrew Stilwell says:

    @Grobble — Made the change! Thanks!

  4. Andrew Stilwell says:

    @CED: It’d be more informative, but the point of the article is what you’re going to pay now. I’ll make an add about increases/decreases at the bottom.

  5. Chris M says:

    The pricing for season passes at the Schlitterbahn Parks has been released. The basic 2021season pass is $99.99 at both parks. Parking is included at both parks.

  6. Staci says:

    Can 2021 platinum purchased at California great America be used in cedar point Sandusky?

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