Summer Park Trips Recap with John Stevenson! - The Coaster101 Podcast - Coaster101

Summer Park Trips Recap with John Stevenson! – The Coaster101 Podcast

Regular podcast listeners may have noticed that your typical hosts haven’t actually been to any parks this summer. Well, this week we’re fixing that! Andrew and Eric are joined by Coaster101 founder John Stevenson to talk about all the parks he’s made it to. John’s been to Dollywood, Kings Island, Kentucky Kingdom, and most recently Six Flags St. Louis. We get into some comparisons of safety procedures and how the crowds have been at the parks. We also get John’s thoughts on some new-to-him — and new for 2020 — coasters. Finally, we learn about the excellent “mask” photo he took, and when a mask hit him in the face!

John beautifully captured this mask flying off on Lightning Run at Kentucky Kingdom. He also caught a mask with his face at Six Flags St. Louis. Please wear your masks properly, folks.

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Have you been to any parks this summer? Let us know about your experiences with crowds/safety/rides/etc. Email [email protected], or his us up on social media at @Coaster101 everywhere. Also send us questions, we always want more things to talk about! We’re trying to answer a listener question at the top of every show, so ask us anything you’d like about parks, coasters, the website, sports, whatever.


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