Kings Island Coasters Ranked 2020

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5 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    I rode the beast the day it opened way back in 1979. I’ve ridden coasters all over the U.S. and this will always be my favorite(steel & wood). The night ride is always my son and I last thing we do in the park. We usually hit Diamondback before it. King’s Island has gotten so much better since Cedar Fair bought it.

  2. Gavin says:

    Ok I’m not usually one to judge people’s lists but this is pretty crappy

  3. Paula Sowers says:

    Been going to this park since 72 and i agree with you

  4. Bug juice lover says:

    100% agree except flight of fear should be higher

  5. Lexie says:

    I was just at Kings Island for the first time last weekend I loved the park I’ve been dreaming of going to that park for quite some time and to actually see it in person was quite special. I LOVE roller coasters and love the feeling you have when you ride them especially for the first time I pretty much agreed with your list but my favorite woody was mystic timbers I thought it was spectacular the shed is very disappointing but the ride is amazing so I had 3 rides on the beast and when I say I could not wait to ride that coaster it was the one I was most excited to ride so my first ride was in a middle car not a wheel seat and I loved it was everything I thought it would be but the second time they put us in the very back seat and when I tell you it completely felt like someone was jackhammering my head I’m not even kidding I had such a headache after that but my last time I sat in the same seat as the first and it was fantastic again I was scared to ride it that time but for anyone who has never been there I would say try to get a middle car it really does make a difference but I love it in the right seat I did like Orion but millenium force is still my favorite giga I will be riding i-305 at the end of the month I thought Orion was good but not my favorite at the park. Al in all the park was everything I was hoping it would be!!!

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