Theme Park Food Mount Rushmore – Coaster101 Podcast Episode 8

This week we shift from talking about theme park rides to our other favorite thing at parks – The food! Andrew, Shane, and Eric first chat about some theme park restaurants they’d love to see “mashed-up”. Then we get into talking about our theme park food “Mount Rushmores.” We discuss our top overall restaurants, best main courses, best desserts, best drinks, and we throw in our favorite random snacks/whatever (yes, our Mount Rushmore has 5 things on it). What are your favorite theme park foods?


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Tell us what your favorite theme park foods are! Let us know on social media @coaster101, or send and email to [email protected]. Also send us questions! We’re trying to answer a listener question at the top of every show, so ask us anything you’d like to know about parks, coasters, the website, sports, whatever.


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  1. waffle says:

    So yummy! My son likes it

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