The Coaster101 Podcast Episode 7: Overrated and Underrated Coasters

This week we’re finally off the topic of coronavirus and park re-openings, and instead just chatting roller coasters. Eric, Andrew, and Shane get into a lengthy discussion about coasters that we think are overrated and underrated. Hopefully some of you will be delighted when we praise your favorite coasters while talking our underrated rides! And almost definitely some of you will be pissed off (particularly at Andrew and Eric) when we talk our overrated coasters!

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Send your angry comments about why we’re wrong with our picks to [email protected], or yell at us on social media at @Coaster101 everywhere. While you’re yelling at us, also send us questions! We’re trying to answer a listener question at the top of every show, so ask us anything you’d like about parks, coasters, the website, sports, whatever.



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