15 to 15: Our 15 Favorite Coaster Construction Tours

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5 Responses

  1. Sean Maurer says:

    I think that Carowinds does an absolutely amazing job with these tours and especially the Fury tour

  2. Tyler S says:

    I liked the tour of Maxx Force since Six Flags Great America is my home park, but Fury was also exciting!

  3. Luke Otten says:

    My favorite was your tour of SFGAm’s Goliath. It made me so eager to ride in the summer!

    • John says:

      Congrats, Luke! You’re the winner of this “15 to 15” giveaway. Please check your email for further instructions. Thanks!

  4. Isak says:

    I definitely enjoyed Copperhead’s the most because it got me even more hyped for the ride!

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