15 to 15: Our 15 Favorite Coasters of the Coaster101 Era

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13 Responses

  1. Derek says:

    I think your list is complete. My favorite is El Toro!

  2. Coasterfan62 says:

    This is a great list! Have yet to ride Toro 🙁

  3. Zach W says:

    Out of the coasters I’ve ridden, Storm Chaser is definitely my favorite to open in the past 15 years, but Fury 325 is definitely my most anticipated.

  4. Josh Barnett says:

    The list is great! I love Mystic and Diamondback!

  5. Nicholas Feller says:

    Lots of great coasters on this list, biggest snub for me is Outlaw Run, that is one of the best RMCs I have ridden.

  6. Robert Hicks says:

    Sounds about right

  7. Ben says:

    Love the list! I think Skyrush is my favorite.

  8. Tyler S says:

    Either Maverick or LRod would be my favorite.

  9. Luke Otten says:

    Seeing this list makes me realize how few of most recent great coasters I am yet to ride. Diamondback and Maverick sure are great!

  10. Jeffrey Markowitz says:

    Definitely steel vengeance. Super fun!

  11. Benny Boi says:

    Fury is not the tallest or fastest in North America. Remember TTD and Kingda Ka. It is the tallest, fastest and longest B&M, however.

  12. Stephen P says:

    I’m sticking with my home park and choosing The Prowler at Worlds Of Fun. I’ve taken over 200 rides on it over the past 10 years and the layout still keeps me guessing. Plus a night ride in the front seat is something every coaster fan needs to do once.

  13. Dylan says:

    Steel Vengeance Voyage and Maxx Force for sure

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