Our Favorite “Ruin a Coaster Name By Changing One Letter” Answers

Last Friday, we challenged our social media followers (on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to “ruin” a coaster name by changing only one letter. We asked the internet to deliver, and it did — we received more than 350 responses, and below are our favorites.

Bury 325

– Andrew S. on Twitter

Cedar Creep Mine Ride

– Tyler on Twitter

Dull Throttle

– Tom B. on Twitter

Fiddler’s Revenge

– Stefano C. on Instagram

Photo © Silver Dollar City

Fire in the Mole

– Kyle L. on Instagram

(Courtesty Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk)

Photo © Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Giant Diaper

– Nicholas L. and Roy B. on Twitter

Photo © Cedar Point

Glue Streak

– Taylor B. on Facebook

Kentucky Fumbler

– seasons.of.wither on Instagram

Kinkda Ka

– Don T. on Twitter

Photo © Cedar Point

Licked Twister (defunct)

– Lily on Instagram

Loch Mess Monster

– Aaron P. on Twitter

Lost Toaster of Superstition Mountain

– InTheLoopLegend on Twitter

Millennium Farce

– multiple (but our friends at CoasterRadio.com made it popular it long ago!)

Mold Striker

– Cavalier Coasters on Instagram

Mr. Breeze

– Dominick on Instagram

Photo by Martin Lewison / CC BY

Olympia Pooping

– DrewTheIntern on Twitter

Photo © Universal Parks & Resorts

Revenge of the Mommy

– Derek on Twitter

Silver Mullet

– Tyler and Roy B. on Twitter


– Valerie C.-J. on Twitter

Photo by Patrick McGarvey/ CC BY-ND 2.0

Stinker (defunct)

– Richard J. on Twitter

Photo © Disney Parks

Stinky Dog Dash

– Kent S. on Instagram

The Incredible Sulk

– Alex C. on Twitter

And I’ll leave you with my own contributions: Iron Tattler (*takes bow*)

Do you have any to add? Leave them in the comments section below!