3 Reasons Galaxy’s Edge Has Disappointed Me, and 3 Reasons I’m Still Optimistic About It (Starting With Rise of the Resistance)

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  1. Tyone says:

    Let me start off by saying I agree with all the negatives and then some. I visited Disney World about two weeks after this article was written and Rise of the Resistance was up and running. I couldn’t get on it though. You have to have a reservation, which I didn’t know about. I felt cheated. I don’ t live in Florida, I live in Ky. It’s not like I can go back next week. Still, that’s one ride. Other than Smugglers run and Star Tours, there isn’t anything else. I loved both for what they are, but in whole. It’s a very shallow experience. Everything looks really good, but I can’t understand why they would build an almost scale replica of the Falcon and not make it a touring experience. I felt like I was walking in a museum where I was allowed to see everything, but touch nothing. There is no continuity to the design of the space. It would have been nice if Tatooine was it’s on area with an animatronic Watto and Jabba. There were nice scaled down imperial vehicles, but nothing to make you think you had just entered the Empire. Overall, it’s small and they just threw it all together. At least you were able to eat. The restaurants were crowded and I’m not one to wait to eat. So if you’re hungry and can’t get in one of them, there is no other place inside to find nourishment. I was very disappointed and even felt like an ATM because it’s clearly a cash grab. If you’re not a huge SW fan, there really isn’t a reason to go there. In contrast, I thought the Harry Potter experience was outstanding, and I’m not even a casual fan. You were IN the world of Harry Potter and not just observing it. Even how you get there is spot on. Walking through the wall at the train station. I can’t say enough about it. That’s what Galaxy’s Edge should have been. It needs to be expanded and redesigned. One day, I’ll get back and hopefully be able to get on Rise of the Resistance. However, I can honestly say that if I were to go tomorrow and only went to Universal Studios, I wouldn’t be disappointed at all.

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