Shane Joseph Joins the Coaster101 Writing Team

The Coaster101 team recently grew with the addition of our newest writer, Shane Joseph. Shane will cover the Northeast United States, which has historically been an area where we’ve lacked on-the-ground coverage.

Shane started writing for the site back in May — you’ve probably already read some of his posts.

We asked Shane a few questions to get to know him better:

C101: If you could build any roller coaster in your backyard, which would it be and why?

Shane: This is a tough one because I really had to think about re-rideability with this. I’m not sure I’d want a super intense coaster, because eventually it would take a toll or I’d get jaded. I think I would probably choose Cheetah Hunt (Busch Gardens Tampa) to put in my backyard, because it is just intense enough to give a thrill each time, and has some really cool elements like the airtime hills and low to the ground turns plus an inversion. I’d love to experience this ride on a daily basis.

If you could meet any roller coaster designer or amusement industry legend (alive or deceased), who would it be and why?

This is an easy one for me, and while it may sound like a cop-out answer, I have to say Walt Disney. Not only did Walt bring something incredible, unique and game-changing to the amusement park industry, but he brought legitimacy to a business that was seen as sketchy and was looked down upon before his involvement. He brought class and innovation to the industry, and I really admire his mindset and his goal to make the parks a place where families and different people from all walks of life and cultures could come together and just have fun. His advancements in ride storytelling and theming changed the game forever. He is a real role model for me, so I’d love to meet him today so he could see the impact that he and his parks have made on not only the amusement industry, but the fabric of world culture.

What’s your favorite in-park eatery or food?

I’m a big food lover, especially unique or over-the-top dishes, so this is the perfect question for me. Theme parks are a great place to try some awesome foods. I would say The Edison at Disney Springs is home to the craziest food I’ve ever had, which was a hamburger with a layer of fried mac and cheese on it, as well as lettuce, bacon, cheese and more with a mini hot dog stuck in the bun.

However, this isn’t technically in a park, so for in-park food, I’ll say the bowls at Satu’li Canteen in Pandora: The World of Avatar at Animal Kingdom. I had a delicious beef bowl that had noodles, garlic sauce, sliced vegetables and boba balls in it. I also really liked the food offerings at Dorney Park/Cedar Fair’s Grand Carnivale event, and I had some awesome food at Efteling in the Netherlands as well. Hershey park’s milkshakes are amazing too. (Did I mention I love food?)

Tell us an interesting tidbit about yourself.

I’m currently in college as a Film, Television and Media Arts major, so I do a lot with film and TV, especially screenwriting. I’ve had a variety of different film and TV experiences, and I love everything about the industry. I also love to take photos and videos at parks, I think coasters are extremely photogenic! Follow me on Instagram @thrillsnewengland to see some of my pictures and videos from parks and to keep up with my travels.

Please join me in welcoming Shane to Coaster101 — we’re very excited to have him.

If you’re interested in joining the Coaster101 team, learn more and apply here.


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