Geauga Lake: The Meteoric Rise and Tragic Fall of the World’s Largest Amusement Park

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for a trip down memory lane. A sad, reminiscent trip. This was my home park. My original park. The one that started this over a decade of hobby. Very nice report, great history and good notes on how crazy of a trip this park took. This park could likely fill a couple books worth of notes. One I also add in is Cedarfair’s purchase of the five Paramount parks in 2006 for 1.24 billion. The same time they are dealing with Geauga Lake. There is also a very interesting history of the managers and the chain of knowledge. From my understanding, at some point a group of management broke off from Cedar Point to Geauga lake and maybe even moved into six flags. There is also another similar chain of knowledge for wooden roller coaster design with many companies coming from older ones. Could make a cool blog post (wink), wood coaster companies traced back to Philadelphia Toboggan Company. Back to Geauga Lake it’s dearly missed and with over a hundred years of history, everyone in north east Ohio has some memory of the park. With all the other small amusement parks in the area closed, leaving a over crowded Cedar Point, I really miss my time there.

  2. Mike says:

    I visited Gauga lake back in 1990 with my girlfriend and her 2 kids a couple of times and it was OK! I was shocked to here of its closing.

  3. Jeff Shaffer says:

    My wife and I visited the park in 1971, during a weekend when the weather was perfect. It was so unusual for the area of northern Ohio to have such nice weather, that later that year when engaged in a conversation with a new acquaintance and they asked me if I had ever been to Geauga Lake came up, I mentioned that I had been there the previous summer during that weekend of two nice days, and that person immediately knew the weekend I meant

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