What’s Left of Coney Island? Part 2: Rust and Relaxation

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  1. Eli Rivera says:

    I grew up in 1970s Brooklyn and Coney Island was the stuff of dreams to a Puerto ?? Rican boy from Sunset Park. In 1977 we had just pulled into Coney when the blackout hit. We went home dejected.lol. Fourth of July at Coney was da bomb literally lol. I was fascinated and terrified by the museum that depicted horrible murders like the guy cutting up bodies to stuff into a suitcase. Lol Alas all gone now.

  2. Stuart Lee says:

    Hotdogs taste better there at the flagship Nathan’s because of the salty sea air, I think.

  3. Patrick Meehan says:

    I enjoyed your article. I grew up in Coney as a young lad and really loved Steeplechase Park. I rode the Cyclone, Thunderbolt, Tornado and many of the other rides there.

  4. Vera says:

    I enjoyed the article. My memories of Coney island are of the early middle 60s. Our brownie girl scout troops trips there. The rides back then,we’re so much fun. Spook a Rama,Flight to Mars
    The Astro Tower! The sky ride. I miss Coney island of the 60s.
    Now I don’t feel excited about it anymore. I guess I’m too nostalgic.?

  5. Vincent says:

    I loved going to Coney Island when I was a kid and when I was in my adult yrs now for 35yrs in ny I moved away to the west and wish I never did no beach nothing to do to hot in the summer to do anything 120 degrees

  6. Marv Cherry says:

    I was born in Coney Island and lived there till my late teens. My favorite was the old Luna Park before
    it burned. Luna Park had an indoor Roller coaster called “the Dragon’s gorge”. It was fabulous. It also had “the Miles Sky Chaser” which competed with the Cyclone. And of course the original “Nathans Hot Dog Stand” at Stillwell and Surf Avenues. What great memories.

  7. Anthony says:

    On a quick read it seems that much has been lost from Coney island and that housing is increasingly taking up available space but what is expected beyond this is development of big leisure business .Isnt there some way in to encourage and provide for the small the iconic and the original such as seems to be losing out here and everywhere else ? Nostalgia or imagined golden age surely point to future business,and the future perhaps neednt be substantiated by all parks estates or zones with limited scope but large scale utilization(?)

  8. Arlene Cash says:

    Remember the 60’s of Coney Island. Of course SteepleChase, with the wooden horses and exiting with the clowns blowing up air one’s dress. All rides were included in the price with our round ticket that was punched out for each one.
    Can’t forget Tornado, Thunderbolt, Himalaya. I liked the Magic Carpet funhouse and the robotic woman laughing outside of it. Of course, the Cyclone and Wonder Wheel were the big features. Never got to go on Parachute.
    Loved sitting on Beach watching fireworks.

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