Waldameer Adding SBF-Visa Spinning Coaster and Mat Racer in 2020

2020 will be a big year for Waldameer, as the park has announced that they will be adding their fifth roller coaster, an SBF-Visa Group Spinning Coaster named Whirlwind. In addition, the park will be adding Rally Racer, a six-lane mat racing water slide inside the park’s in-park water park, Water World.

Whirlwind will replace the Showtime Theater and the Water Wars game near the park’s main food building,” Steve Gorman, the park’s president, told GoErie.com.

Featuring just 190′ feet of track, and standing at 14′ high, Whirlwind will join Ravine Flyer III as another “entry-level” coaster at Waldameer, perfect for “thrill seekers in training.”

“Whirlwind is a family ride for young children and their parents and siblings,” Gorman said. “The covered theater audience space will be converted to tables with seating for up to 96 people.”

New for 2020 – Rally Racer Waterslide

Our new for 2020 rally racer water slide will be 50ft tall with each slide spiraling through 400ft of open and enclosed flume sections. It will be one of the most unique racing slides in the country! Take a virtual tour!

Posted by Waldameer & Water World on Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The six-lane Rally Racer water slide, first announced in December of 2018, will replace the two single-lane “Speed Slides” located in Water World near Peninsula Drive. Rally Racer will feature a 46-foot tower and slide loops that allow as many as six people to slide headfirst on mats, down tubes and around curves.

“The original-designed water slides were exciting back when water parks were pretty new, the late 1980s, but now they’re not,” Gorman told GoErie back in December, during the initial planning and zoning meetings. “Many more slide designs have been developed that are much more exciting. It’s just time to upgrade.”

The park worked with Proslide Technologies to design and fit the new slide within the available space at Water World.

Rally Racer will cost about $3 million and Whirlwind will cost between $500,000 and $700,000, Gorman said. Both rides are expected to be ready for opening day in 2020.

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