What’s Left of Coney Island? Part 1: The Golden Age

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  1. I totally enjoyed reading this. I grew up in Coney Island from the “50”s to the late “60”s I sure do miss it and try to read everything I can find about it. Thank you. I hope I can find and read part 2.


    Good but incomplete. Forgot to mention the “Bobsled” A ride that mimicked a real bobsled.( It was on wheels) located next to the Tornado. Also “Feltman”s”, with it’s singing waiters { I think it was Eddie Canter and Cary Grant, among others). Also the Mardi gras parades in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s.I know you can’t fit it all, but I thought these were important omissions to a true history of Coney Island. Oh and Luna Park limped into 1946 when a second fire put a final end to it

  3. Vera says:

    The Water Flume
    The rides on the boardwalk?
    Bumper Cars
    That ride where you went underwater in a tank?
    And ?omg the lady transforms into a Ape!
    I miss those days. Oh the Laughing lady!

  4. Jeanett Russo says:

    Vera You are thinking of the Diving Bells that went under water. It was more fun watching people get splashed when the bells came up than the actual ride under water. The laughing lady was the Fun house. That laugh drove me crazy! What about the Sky Ride that took you above ground to surf ave & The Astro Tower! The wax museum was so creepy as a kid but I had to go once a week before fire works. The Himalaya was fun & played the best music! (Rip Andy) I have a pic with a few of my brothers by that giant fiberglass guy that stood on boardwalk by Astroland. I miss my Coney of 60-70’s

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