Silverwood Announces New “Light Up The Night” Drone Show for 2020

When the Idaho sun goes down in the summer of 2020, the fun will just be beginning at Silverwood Theme Park. Earlier this week, the park announced Light Up The Night, a nightly summer show that will take place over the park’s Main Street lawn.

During “Light Up The Night,” 300 drones will light up the sky and create custom Silverwood formations. Visitors will be welcome to sit, stand or lay on the soft grass of the main street lawn as they watch the floating drones create beautiful formations within the stars. Silverwood promises that more details are to come as the park is just in the beginning process of creating the shows.

“We are excited to finally unveil this groundbreaking show,” Director of Marketing Jordan Carter said in a press release. “We are always pushing ourselves to keep improving and create an experience for our guests that is unique and unlike anything they have ever seen.”

The idea for a drone light show came following a 2018 decision made by Silverwood to cease their annual Independence Day fireworks.

“We’re located in a very forested area here, and we have a very long ‘fire season’ in the Northwest,” Carter said. “It would be devastating, not only for us, but for the surrounding area, if one of our fireworks were to start a fire.”

However, when the fireworks stopped, Carter noted there was a decline in Fourth of July attendance as well.

“We wanted to look to the ‘bigger picture’ and come up with something that Silverwood guests could experience on a nightly basis,” he continued. “Something that we knew that would entertain our guests and have them stay longer in the park, but was also something that was a unique and family-friendly experience.”

Silverwood will be working with the Los Angeles-based “Drone Light Show Company,” and will be Drone Light Show Co.’s first United States-based theme park client.

The 300 drones will be custom programmed for Silverwood, and will assemble 14 custom formations specifically for the park. Over the course of each 20-minute show, there will be also be 6 “generic” formations that will intersperse with the Silverwood formations, for a total of 20 drone formations.

There will be multiple versions of the show that will be put on nightly, as long as weather permits.

“We have the option to create a show that could focus on Silverwood history throughout the years, complete with music from different eras that people could listen to and enjoy,” Carter said. “We also have the opportunity to create a show that is more fun and comical. With multiple shows, 2-day park guests will be able to experience completely different experiences on different nights.”

There will also be a special patriotic-themed show for the 4th of July, according to Silverwood.

A somewhat recent advancement in night-time show technology, drone light shows differ from fireworks displays in that drones are reusable, and do not produce air and noise pollution. However, drone displays cannot take place in the elements like rain or strong winds.

Universal Studios Hollywood used drones to create a Patronus during their Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle Show, and Disney Springs has used them for their “Star Bright Holiday” show.

Silverwood will be one of, if not the first regional park in the United States to have a nightly drone light show, an honor that Carter does not take lightly.

“It’s really great for us to be one of the first parks in the United States with a nightly drone light show,” Carter said. “Not only will it be unique in the northwest, where there aren’t many amusement parks to begin with, but we’re very excited for our guests to be able to experience something that they can’t get at most other parks in the country. It will be an incredible way to enhance their experience and end the day at Silverwood.”

Weather permitting, Silverwood hopes to “Light Up The Night” for the first time around June 6, 2020.

For more information, be sure to visit the Silverwood Website, and follow the park on Facebook and Twitter.

What do you think about Silverwood “Lighting Up The Night?” Let us know in the comments below!


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