Six Flags St. Louis and Great Escape to Add Giant Arm Swing Rides in 2020

Two Six Flags parks, St. Louis and Great Escape, will debut 16-story giant swing rides that offer high speeds and head-over-heels flips.

In 2020, Six Flags St. Louis will open Catwoman Whip while the Six Flags Great Escape 2020 season will introduce Adirondack Outlaw.

Both rides will catapult 16 riders — eight seated back-to-back, four-abreast on either end of a giant arm — 164 feet into the air. Each of the open-air ends of the arm will be able to flip

The rides will reach a top speed of 52 mph. Though the manufacturer was not listed, the attractions seem very similar to “Boosters” from Fabbri group.  Vomatrons from Funtime. (Shoutout to Facebook Reader Ray F. who made this observation!)

Will these attractions become the latest and greatest in thrill attractions for Six Flags parks, with multiple debuting every year? Let us know in the comments below what you think!

And you can check out the rest of the Six Flags 2020 announcements here.


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