Three “Monster” Rides Open at Mountain Mile in Pigeon Forge

A trio of thrill rides has opened in the burgeoning daredevil destination of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

FACE Amusement Group and zipline manufacturer Soaring Eagle have partnered to introduce three “monstrous” rides at the new Mountain Mile entertainment complex: Mountain Monster, Monster Fall and Monster Launch.

Mountain Mile and Mountain Monster concept art

Each of the three Mountain Monster rides operate from one 190-foot-tall tower that was designed by Soaring Eagle, which operates six amusement attractions in the Pigeon Forge area.

Keep reading for details about each of the three Mountain Monster attractions:

Mountain Monster

Touted as the most intense of the three rides, Mountain Monster is Soaring Eagle’s zipline model that features a face-down aerial drive that drops two passengers from a 175-foot platform, swinging them over the Mountain Mile complex at 65 mph.

Riders reach the platform via a two-seat chair lift, then exit and transfer to the open-air ride vehicle.

The ride lasts approximately 10 minutes, ending with passengers being raised back up to the tower platform before being transferred back to the chair lift for a gentle ride back to the ground below.

According to Mountain Monster, there is a “surprise bonus option for riders once they are returned to the platform.”

(If you know what that is, let us know in the comments section at the bottom of this page.)

Monster Fall

On another side of the tower is Monster Fall, a free-fall experience that slowly raises eight riders to the top of the 190-foot-tall tower.

The bird’s-eye view of Pigeon Forge and the Smoky Mountains doesn’t last long, as passengers are only suspended at the top for roughly 12 seconds before plummeting down the tower at speeds over 50 mph.

Monster Launch

Monster Launch is a classic slingshot ride where two riders seated back-to-back are catapulted 140 feet into the air.

To make the ride even more terrifying, riders have the option to add a flip at the top.

Watch Mountain Monster On-Ride and Off-Ride Videos

See videos of each of the three Mountain Monster rides below:


The Mountain Monster rides are located in the Mountain Mile complex, which is comprised of 155,000 square feet of retail and dining space, as seen in the original concept art below:

For more information and to purchase tickets (grand opening specials are available for a limited time), visit the Mountain Monster website.

Have you ridden any of the three Mountain Monster rides yet? Share your review in the comments section below.