Take a Seat and a Flight on the Skycoaster Sky Sled

The popular Skycoaster ride found at amusement parks across the globe is getting an upgrade with the new “Sky Sled,” which allows daredevils to fly in a seated position rather than flying facing down, head first.

Since its inception more than 25 years ago, the Skycoaster has given thrill-seekers the chance to suit up in custom-designed flight suits that allowed flyers to free fall from hundreds of feet high, head first.

The Sky Sled gives riders a better view of their surroundings as they are pulled to the top of the launch tower. And the new harnesses can be adapted to an existing Skycoaster tower, allowing parks to introduce an entirely new ride experience.

Debuting the final version of Sky Sled at Fun Spot America in October 2018

The Skycoaster model is produced and managed by Skycoaster, Inc., a division of Ride Entertainment Group. The company spent five years developing the Sky Sled, which included before- and after-hours testing of the prototype at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Ride Entertainment’s Mark Rosenzweig, managing director of business development, tested several Sky Sled-like prototypes at the company that manufacturers the Skycoaster flight suits:

We had discussed for several years the possibility of a seated flight experience, which finally got a boost after a visit to our Flight Suit manufacturing partner where we tested several different prototypes of the new product by being winched from the ceiling in the middle of their shop! Immediately we visualized the experience and the green light was lit for full-on development to commence.

Six Flags was one of the companies eager to introduce the Sky Sled:

“Last year, Six Flags had told us they wanted to be the first theme park to premiere the new Sky Sled,” said Lance Beatty, Managing Director of Skycoaster.

“We were happy to oblige as they have been a fantastic partner for decades. Today, to see a Skycoaster at nearly every Six Flags property is truly incredible.”

For its inaugural season, the Sky Sled opened at eight parks in the United States and Mexico including four Six Flags parks:

  • Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • Six Flags Over Texas
  • Six Flags Great Adventure
  • Six Flags Mexico

Many more are expected to fly in 2020.

In addition to the Sky Sled, Ride Entertainment continues to invest in the Skycoaster brand. Over the last 10 years, the company:

  • Designed a new structure for the thrill ride.
  • Worked with lighting partner, KCL Engineering, to offer a programmable LED lighting solution.
  • Developed an approved self-editing video system with a new video partner that will debut at this year’s annual Skycoaster Safety Seminar.

Don’t miss our interview with Andy Versluys of ride-lighting pros, KCL Engineering.

Watch a video of the Sky Sled in action below:

You can learn more about the Sky Sled over at Ride Entertainment’s blog.

Have you ridden a Sky Sled on a Skycoaster yet? How does it compare to the original flying position? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.