Dreamworld Australia Announces New MACK Rides Coaster

Dreamworld Australia announced the addition of exciting new rides and attractions in an effort to lure visitors back to the park after a tragedy occurred there in 2016. Four people were killed in an incident on the Thunder River Rapids Ride and now the park is investing millions of dollars to revamp the park. The overhaul will include a new MACK rides LSM launch coaster, a new water slide complex, major multi-million dollar wiggly-wonderful refurbishment of ABC KIDS World, as well as upgraded food and beverage facilities, additional events and entertainment areas, an improved entry experience and a new state of the art customer-centric ticketing system.

Dreamworld CEO John Osborne said  “Investment into new rides, attractions and technologies to improve customer experience is key for Dreamworld’s future direction. Today’s announcements, along with the opening of Sky Voyager is a fantastic start to our transformation of the park. We are reinventing the definition of thrill, with new rides and experiences on the horizon. Get ready to challenge yourself and experience Dreamworld and WhiteWater World like never before, with a new world-first roller coaster, with a triple launch system, and a new waterslide complex, featuring six new body slides coming soon!”

New MACK Rides LSM Launch Coaster

Dreamworld’s newest adrenaline-fueled ride will be a unique experience unlike any other in the world. The 3,937 foot long roller coaster, featuring multiple inversions and reaching hair-raising speeds of 65 miles per hour, is based on the Blue Fire Launch Coaster first built at Europa Park but with a few new twists. The unnamed coaster will have the Southern Hemisphere’s first triple launch system featuring a forward launch where it will stall out, followed by a backwards launch up the reversed twisted half pipe spike before launching forwards again. And if that’s not crazy enough, the train will have the world’s first separate spinning vehicle.

By my count, this will be the ninth roller coaster worldwide based on the Blue Fire model, but by far the most unique. Here’s a POV of the original Blue Fire to get an idea of what the ride might be like.

WhiteWater World’s New Waterslide Complex

The new roller coaster isn’t the only addition. According to the park:

“Get ready to make a splash at WhiteWater World when our six new waterslides drop in. Grouped in one totally wicked location, each slide will offer a unique experience, featuring natural light effects and multiple vibrant colors.

Our unique body slides will be the purest form of waterslides that you can experience, with just you, the water and a big splash at the bottom. Stay tuned for updates on this fantastic new experience, making a splash at WhiteWater World soon!”

What do you think about the new additions coming to Dreamworld Australia?


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