Grand Carnivale Coming to Valleyfair in 2020

Valleyfair has always been at the forefront of bringing awesome new traditions to Minnesota, but in 2020 the park hopes to top them all! From July 25-August 16, 2020, Valleyfair guests can see, hear and experience how the world kicks up its heels at Grand Carnivale, a larger-than-life cultural celebration with something for everyone.


Like Grand Carnivale at other parks in the Cedar Fair family, the Valleyfair Carnivale will feature the Spectacle of Color Parade where guests will be able to immerse themselves in the electrifying vibe, take in extraordinary sights and sounds of sparkling floats and extravagantly costumed performers. The prismatic procession¬† reflects joyous cultural traditions from around the globe., and an electrifying musical score will fill the air as a larger-than-life floats take to the street to delight park guests. Activities and interactive experiences make this one parade you won’t want to miss.

Following the Spectacle of Color Parade, each night will conclude with a Carnivale Street Party, where thunderous music builds to a crescendo as Valleyfair kicks off a street party filled with performers, an interactive dance party and more, located at the park’s Superior Stage.

Though not mentioned on Valleyfair’s website, if the event was anything like Kings Dominion’s this year, the food at Grand Carnivale is not to missed either, featuring multiple cuisines from around the globe. In a park known for some of its fantastic culinary offerings, Valleyfair’s Grand Carnivale will be the perfect event for “foodies.”

For more information, be sure to visit Valleyfair’s website, and follow the park on social media.¬† Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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