Steel Curtain Construction Update a Week Ahead of Opening

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the opening of The Steel Curtain at Kennywood ever since naming it our most anticipated roller coaster of 2019. And the wait is almost over. The park announced the grand opening will be on Saturday, July 13th. We visited the park on the 4th of July and got our first in-person look at this monster of a roller coaster.

Steel Curtain Looks Amazing in Person

The skyline of Kennywood has forever been changed.

The way the 4,000 feet of track has been squeezed in is truly remarkable.

The first inversion and drop just look so wicked.

The Steel Curtain Construction Update

Although opening is a week away, it seems there is quite a bit left to do. Looks like signage still needs to be put up and a lot on concrete needs to be poured.


Steel Curtain Testing Video

Towards the end of the day, Steel Curtain started cycling. I wonder if this was necessary testing or more of an advertisement for the 4th of July crowd to come back in a week. Either way, it was almost to watch the sleek trains twist through the towering inversions overhead. This ride is going to be a blast to watch once riders are finally on it.

Just a reminder for how twisted Steel Curtain is: there’s only an average of 444 feet between inversions.

Sky Rocket Update

Quick update on Sky Rocket. It’s been closed all season and rumors have sprung up that it will never reopen. Kennywood confirmed yesterday on Twitter they are working on issues with the launch and hope to get it reopened soon.

See more pictures from our day at Kennywood on our Facebook page. Are you making plans to ride Steel Curtain opening weekend? Let us know in the comments below.